Russell Crowe's 'Unhineged' Explores the Plight of Road Rage

Certain cinemas are slowly reopening its doors to audiences, and one of the first movies to welcome the crowd back is the upcoming Unhinged, starring the Academy Award-winner Russell Crowe.

Directed by Derrick Borte, the new psychological thriller pays homage to both Joel Schumacher’s Falling Down and Steven Spielberg’s Duel. It follows Crowe, who plays a broken and distressed man “whose life has left him feeling powerless and invisible.” On a fateful day, he runs across Racehl (Caren Pistorius), a mother running late to work, who causes an altercation at a traffic light with Crowe. Engulfed in road rage, Crowe’s mysterious character is finally pushed over the edge, turning Rachel into “the target of a man who decides to make one last mark upon the world by teaching her a series of deadly lessons.”

Unhinged is currently set to release August 21 in cinemas. You can check out the trailer above now.

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