Sara Bareilles Tested Positive For Coronavirus, Says She’s ‘Fully Recovered’

Sara Bareilles says she’s on the mend after being diagnosed with COVID-19.  

The singer-songwriter made the announcement Thursday in a series of short videos posted to her Instagram stories from what appeared to be New York’s Central Park. 

“I had it, just so you know,” Bareilles said. “I’m fully recovered, just so you know.”

“I’m just thinking about all the people who are walking through this really tricky time and sending a lot of love,” she continued, “and just being really grateful for every easy breath and every day that I get to be walking around.”

Until last month, the Grammy winner had been starring in the London production of her hit musical “Waitress,” which closed March 14 amid coronavirus concerns. She and co-star Gavin Creel had been scheduled to remain in the show through March 21. 

On March 23, Creel appeared on the one-night-only reboot of “The Rosie O’Donnell Show,” and said he believed he had COVID-19, though he hadn’t been tested. 

“A bunch of our cast mates have fallen sick from it,” Creel said. “It’s like a cruddy flu for me. I’ve been lucky to not have any breathing difficulties or respiratory issues, but I have the fever, the headaches. I lost my sense of smell and taste ― haven’t gotten those back.”

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