Saudi Animation Company Manga Productions Strikes Landmark Deal to License ‘Grendizer’ TV, Theme Park Rights Across Middle East

Rising Saudi animation studio Manga Productions has announced a strategic partnership with Japanese company Dynamic Planning to license all rights across the Middle East to “Grendizer,” the iconic anime series featuring a super robot with shiny golden helmet horns.

The deal for this IP, which has been massively popular in the Arab world since the 1980s, includes using the anime’s characters “in amusement parks and events in the Middle East,” the two companies said in a joint statement.

Created by Go Nagai, “Grendizer” is part of the “Mazinger” trilogy, which consists of “Mazinger Z,” “Great Mazinger” and “UFO Robot Grendizer.” Grendizer, the titular robot, is the secret weapon used by Crown Prince Duke Fleed to fight off the Vegan invaders on his planet.

Manga, Dynamic Planning and other Japanese partners have a plan, called “Project G,” to revive the “Grendizer” franchise which they announced in August, though details of this project, which was not mentioned in the statement, are scarce.

The “Grendizer” anime series, which launched in 1975 ran for 74 episodes, and gained a big fan base mostly in France, Italy, and the Middle East.

Manga Productions, which is affiliated with Saudi’s MiSK Foundation, has previously teamed up with Japan’s Toei Animation on the kingdom’s first animation feature “The Journey,” based on an epic tale Saudi Arabian tale about a group of men who have to armor up to protect their city, which has never been exposed to war, against a colossal army.

“We are pleased to announce our partnership with Dynamic Planning as it is evident that our capabilities in Saudi Arabia in the field of licensing, marketing, and industry development are further expanding on a worldwide scale,” said Manga Productions marketing and business development director Abdulaziz AlNaghmoosh in a statement.

Said Dynamic Planning’s executive producer Ichinao Nagai: “We are confident that our partnership with Manga Productions will solidify our beloved IP ‘Grendizer,’ which is one of Mr. Go Nagai’s cherished creations, and will enhance various entertainment and interactive experiences in the Middle East that will please our audiences in the region.”

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