Savvy mum transforms ‘shabby’ sofa into ‘brand new’ couch with handy £6 gadget

A mum has been praised for sharing her savvy trick to tackling “shabby” sofas.

She revealed how after a few years her couch had begun to look old and worn, so she decided to fix it.

The savvy woman picked up the “Bobble Off” for £6 and was stunned by the impact it made on her couch, saying it “looked like new”.

Posting snaps to the Facebook group, Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK, she chose to enlighten members about how the simple gadget transformed her sofa.

She said: “Now I know they're cheaper elsewhere and there are cheaper versions but I needed one today as I'm having my sofa professionally cleaned early in the morning.

“My sofa has had a beating and started to look shabby, I've always been afraid of using certain things so didn't want to use an old school razor to get the bobbles off."

The mum said she picked hers up from the high street, adding: “£8 from Argos and my God!!! What a difference.

“Can’t wait to see it cleaned tomorrow will be a brand new sofa.”

Although she picked hers up from Argos, the same gadget is flogging for just £5.99 at JML.

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The website description reads: “Give tired, worn jumpers and scarves a new lease of life with this handy hand-held lint remover.

"Bobble Off's protected blades rotate to clean away unsightly lints, bobbles and fuzzies with ease. Just glide over worn areas to eliminate the unwanted fibres that ruin the look of your clothes."

Dozens of people on the Facebook group were equally impressed by the “satisfying” results.

One said: “I love mine. There’s something very satisfying about collecting all those bobbles in that little compartment.”

Another commented: “Wow what a difference.”

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