Senior Dog Couple Gets Married and Celebrates Love at Pennsylvania Pet Retirement Home

The vows were in "bow-wows" at a wedding ceremony at the Happy Tails Rescue Retirement Home.

Happy Tails of Morrisville, Pennsylvania is "a local in-home hospice/sanctuary" for pets, according to a release, that is dedicated "to making whole lives of the broken promises made to senior dogs."

Many of the furry residents at this retirement home come from sad situations. Some were surrendered by heartbroken owners who were unable to care for them, others lost their owners and had nowhere to go, and an unfortunate few were neglected and abandoned by their former caretakers — but Happy Tails ensures all of these dogs get a happy ending.

At the sanctuary, senior dogs enjoy days filled with rest, companionship, affection, and quality care — and sometimes a special event or two.

One of those magical moments recently occurred with the marriage of senior pooches Feliz and Machu Picchu. The two pups, young at heart and ready to love, met at Happy Tails and quickly bonded. To honor that connection, the sanctuary decided to throw a small wedding for the canine couple.

The bride Felix, who came to Happy Tails after being hit by a car and marked to be put down, wore a tiny, demure dress, and the groom Machu Picchu, who was a surrendered to the sanctuary by an owner who could no longer care for him, donned a dapper tuxedo for the big day. The newlyweds enjoyed a photoshoot (by Kristen Kidd Photography) and a dog-friendly cake to cap off the adorable nuptials.

Happy Tails felt the pooch pair was especially deserving of a celebration because of the devotion they have shown each other. Feliz has terminal cancer and heart disease and Machu Picchu has terminal fibrosis, but neither dog lets their ailments stand in the way of enjoying each other's company. Both spend their days happily looking after one another and proving it is never too late to meet the love of your life.

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