Shoppers in stitches as children’s bday balloon looks like ‘2ft c*ck and balls’

A children’s birthday balloon had heads rolling this week after it was spotted on Facebook Marketplace – some said it was “filth”.

The pink and black Minnie Mouse balloon arrangement was formed into a large number one, but the commissioners no longer wanted it.

And, Brits on social media added that it was probably because it looked like a “giant c*ck and balls”.

The for-sale balloon item was screen shot from Facebook and posted on Reddit, where it gave hundreds a good laugh.

The poster captioned the snap: “When your eyes get drawn to something for sale on Facebook marketplace…”

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In the advert, the seller said: “Due to a last minute cancellation we have a Minnie Mouse first birthday balloon available for immediate delivery or collection.

“Majorly discounted price.”

Some Reddit users claimed to be able to see the issue clearly.

One posted: “‘last minute cancellation – we sent a photo and said they didn’t want the phallic object.”

“They’re taking the Mickey,” joked another.

A third commented: “Not what it looks. Not what it looks.

“It's a 2 and half foot c*ck and balls man.

“It don't look like nothing else, it's not happening.”

“Can also be used for Ann Summers parties,” giggled a jokester.

While another noted: “It’s inflatable filth.”

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And a descriptive bloke commented: “Collage of photos.

“A pink and black balloon sculpture of a – penis – large number one with decorative base.

“The shaft of the foil balloon numeral is pink with images of Minnie Mouse printed across the length.”

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