Singer Stacey Solomon Shows Off Unique Luxury Amenities In Home Video

For someone with so much going in their lives, songbird Stacey Solomon, 31,  is only adding to the excitement! She and her household, which includes UK soap star-fiancee Joe Swash, 39, son Zachary, 13, whom she shares with ex, Dean Cox, son Leighton Barham, 8, whom she shares with ex, Aaron Barham, and son Rex Toby Francis Swash, 1, have all moved into a new home!

Solomon is so proud of her new countryside property located in Essex that she gave a brief tour to her fans and friends on Instagram recently. The home is Tudor-inspired and boasts two kitchens, a poorhouse with a sunroom highlighting a view of the pool, and several other interesting features which likely inspired Solomon and Swash to take it off the market.

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After moving in to the new house, Solomon told fans that she had a new “sink obsession” with her home due to the unique sinks it features throughout but her newest video on Instagram focuses on the pool house. The previous owners left behind a large hot tub in the sun room portion of the home. Due to size of the unusually large hot tub, Solomon told her fans that something about it makes her think that the previous owners were “party people.”

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There’s also a room that Solomon refers to as the “Cluedo room” referring to the murder mystery game otherwise known as “Clue” in the U.S. The room has built-in orange-hued bookcases and a definite “library” feel to it.

“Welcome to what I call the room from Cluedo. I don’t know what the hell this is, the library, the billiard room?” Solomon says in one video. The singer went on to say that her sons love spending time in the massive masculine-themed room. She even said that she and Swash have plans to turn it into a game room for all of the boys.

Speaking of all of the boys, the couple have dedicated a special room with its very own carpeted staircase for Joe’s son, Harry, 13, whom he shares with ex, Emma Sophocleous since the teen will spend some nights at the couple’s new home. Her two sons from previous relationships, Zachary “Zachy” and Leighton will share a room as they have shared a bedroom since Leighton was a baby and now the brothers simply prefer the arrangement.

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Moving into a new home can either be stressful and frustrating or it can be a fun and exciting experience – we’re glad that Solomon and her family are having a great time getting settled in to their new house and we hope that it offers many wonderful times ahead for this blended crew.

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