Sky Sports presenter Jacquie Beltrao reveals her breast cancer has returned ‘nastier’ than before in moving video – The Sun

SKY SPORTS presenter Jacquie Beltrao has revealed her breast cancer has returned "nastier" than before in a moving social media post.

The former Olympic gymnast, 55, said doctors told her she had grade three breast cancer after she went to get a lump checked out.

Beltrao, who fronts sports bulletins on Sky News's Sunrise show, was diagnosed with breast cancer on Christmas Eve in 2013 and underwent a mastectomy weeks later.

She had since been given the all clear but confirmed the disease had returned in a heartbreaking Twitter video posted today.

The mum-of-three who competed in the 1984 Games said: "During lockdown I took my own advice, did a check and found a tiny lump just here. Had it checked out and biopsied straight away.

"Turns out it's a grade three breast cancer, much nastier than the first one I had.

"I'm sharing this because it felt weird to be going back to work on Sky and being on social media and acting like everything was shiny and perfect and fun when it wasn't.

"For the last four weeks myself and my family have been walking through a living nightmare.

"But I am where I am. I've got a great medical team around me, my amazing family and all the support of my friends.

"I've just got to get on with it. And I am.

"I've done two chemos already, I've got 14 to go. I'm also on a keto diet, a dairy-free diet and I'm doing lots of alternative things like meditation because everyone knows how much I love my yoga.

"But if you've got any spare blessings or prayers, I will take those as well."

Friends and followers were quick to offer their love and support.

One said: "Everyone is with you, your positive outlook and determined nature will see you right! You’ve beat it once and you’ll beat it again but this time for good!"

Sky Sports F1 host Natalie Pinkham posted: "Such tough news Jacquie. Sending you much love and strength. We will all support you on this journey."

Former talkSPORT presenter Mike Parry wrote: "I can't believe it Jacquie .. you incredible and enormously brave woman .. you're so well loved in and out of our profession and MILLIONS of people who are viewers and fans of yours are behind you for another victorious recovery."

Fellow Sky News presenter Sarah Hewson tweeted: "Oh Jacqs. This is too cruel. So so sorry. Sending you so much love – and to Eduardo and the kids too. xx."

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