Snapchat Egg Hunt 2020 goes live despite coronavirus pandemic, Easter finish time revealed

Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt 2020 has still gone ahead despite the ongoing coronavirus pandemic. In the run up to the Easter weekend Snapchatters were left wondering if the Snapchat Egg Hunt for this year was getting cancelled due to the coronavirus. Huge swathes of people across the world are in lockdown over the pandemic, meaning they can only leave the house for very specific reasons.


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But Snapchat has managed to sidestep this by offering fans of the selfie app the chance to take part in the Egg Hunt from the comfort of their own home.

This time around, you won’t need to take a single step outside of your front door to take part in the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt for 2020.

You will just need to navigate the the Snap Map and zoom out till you find Easter egg locations.

Click on them and then the Easter egg will appear on your smartphone screens right in front of you.

From there you’ll have to tap the virtual egg that is showing up on your device to add to your tally, and then rinse and repeat.

The Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt is only running for a limited time only though, so you’ll have to act quick and take part.

A countdown is running in the app which says the Snapchat Easter Egg Hunt for 2020 will finish at 5am BST on Monday April 13.

For those in the States that’s 12am eastern time on Monday April 13 and 9pm pacific time on Sunday April 12.

Here are more details on the Snapchat Egg Hunt 2020…


Hunt from Home!This year, you can stay at home and play. Collect eggs without leaving your own home by moving around Snap Map.

Simply tap on and egg you find on the Map to add it to your basket. The hunt is on – find as many eggs as you can until 12 April.

RulesSearch around the world to find eggs. Collect as many eggs as you can through April 12th. Zoom in around the Map to find hidden eggs and tap to add it to your basket.

Tap on any basket to start a mini-game.

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