Son accidentally leaves shower screen shining clean while playing

It might not be a classic toy to give your children, but as this mum’s account proves, it might become the best one – a magic eraser.

These melamine sponges are known for getting stubborn marks off of hard surfaces, whether it’s pen marks on a wall or burnt-on grease on a glass dish.

One of the parents on Facebook group Mums Who Clean, however, has found out in a pretty roundabout way just how good they are for getting shower screens looking brand new.

After giving her five-year-old one of the sponges to play with in the bath, she realised he’d been using it to scrub the shower screen, and he’d inadvertently taken off the soap scum marks she’d been grappling with for years.

Her post said: ‘Omg! So my five-year-old was in the bath and he was playing with the white erasers I have! 

‘He was cleaning my shower screen with it and it looks amazing – all the soap scum has gone.’

The Australian woman said she had spent eight years trying to scrub off the marks on the glass, only for her little boy to realise by accident that this was what would do the trick.

‘Sons who clean! I have been trying to clean that bloody screen for eight years and nothing works,’ she continued.

Flash Magic Erasers are available from Robert Dyas for £1.99 for two, or you can get generic versions for pennies on eBay and Amazon.

They’re much thicker than a normal sponge, and have abrasive qualities that – with a touch of water – can make it perform like super-fine sandpaper to get rid of scuffs and marks.

These sponges are often used after pen marks or shoes on wood floors, but apparently work wonders for our shower screens. No more soaking and scrubbing away for us.

Now to find someone who’s happy to spend their bath time getting the bathroom looking spick and span.

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