Spoilers: Finn dies as Elly looks guilty of murder in Neighbours

The island tragedy will barely have sunk in when Ramsay Street is hit with more horror. Finn Kelly’s (Rob Mills) reign of terror will meet a grisly end, but it will leave more devastation to befall the Neighbours.

The ripple effect of his evil deeds will rumble on for some time to come.

What happened on the island hasn’t yet hit Ramsay Street. Finn, however, has returned, and the locals are as yet none the wiser. He surprises Susan Kennedy (Jackie Woodburne) and tells her that Elly (Jodi Anasta) and Aster are fine, and that a heartbroken Bea (Bonnie Anderson) is up at a cabin in the Snowy Mountains trying to get over their breakup. A manipulative Finn manages to convince her that he’ll take her to visit Bea so that she can have a shoulder to cry on.

It’s a bad move, Susan quickly realises something is up when she sees Aster is already in the car, but it’s too late. Finn confesses he wants a future with Elly and the baby and Susan twigs what’s going on, that her life is in danger and what she says and does next could mean life or death.

Finn drives her to the cabin where the situation escalates and Susan realises she is now Finn’s hostage. He leaves her bound and trapped inside the cabin while he heads outside to do something, but after one failed escape attempt Susan is terrified into being a well behaved hostage. She is resigned to her fate, there is nothing she can do to save herself now.

What she doesn’t realise is that there is no time for a defeatist attitude – he’s outside digging her a grave.

But while he’s gone Susan is surprised by a rescuer – Elly. She helps Susan escape, but she can’t let Finn get away with this and goes back to get him.

Susan pleads with her to leave him and they can just go, but she can’t. He’s still out back digging the grave for Susan, using a hose to soften the earth. As he tries to climb out of the hole tragedy strikes, he slips, paralysing himself from the neck down. The water keeps rising, and he has no way of rescuing himself.

He drowns in that hole, killed by his own stupidity. But the tragedy rumbles on when Elly is suddenly in the frame for his death. Did she purposely let him drown? Did she even make sure he did? She is questioned thoroughly, and Mark is worried about how guilty she sounds.

Sky (Stephanie McIntosh) is the lead detective on the case and she’s out to get a good result as she’s under a lot of pressure from above. It’s looking like they could be gathering enough evidence to charge Elly. Finally, Mark (Scott McGregor) and Sky get the full forensics report back from the crime scenes. What will this mean for Elly?

Mark believes Elly’s innocence and Toadie (Ryan Moloney) finds himself having to defend his friends. Things are getting serious as Sky puts pressure on Elly to come clean. Will Elly face a murder charge?

Scenes air from Monday 23rd March at 1.45pm and 5.30pm on Channel 5.

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