Stacey Solomon gives son Rex a miniature Dyson vacuum – and he is a natural

Stacey Solomon loves tidying almost as much as her best friend, Instagram cleaning sensation Mrs Hinch. Everything in the Loose Women star’s house has a designated place or label; even the snack cupboard is meticulously organised with packets of crisps hanging on a colour-coded rail.

Because of this clear aptitude and passion for keeping things spic and span it may come as no surprise that her son shares the same love for household order. However, what may shock you is that her son is only just shy of 10 months old.

Baby Rex, Stacey’s son with Dancing On Ice star Joe Swash, was gifted a tiny Dyson from his mother and appeared to be loving it

The mum-of-three shared adorable footage to her Instagram Stories of her youngest son playing with the miniature vacuum which is made by Dyson and costs just £18.

The young child was clearly very excited and he began turning over his new toy gleefully before then giving it a whirl on his play mat.

Speaking over the footage, Stacey explained: "Joe and me got this for Rex because he's obsessed with the hoover but he's obviously not allowed to play with the real one so we got him this one!"

The toy looks very like the original but to make it more fun for kids it is also filled with colourful balls that fly around the cylinder container.

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It appears that this morning Rex was straight back vacuuming, with his mum sharing another video of her son cleaning on the kitchen tiles, writing to her three million followers: "He loves it. And it's like he knows exactly what to do. It's cracking me up."

If Rex does end up taking after Stacey in the future he has some very big shoes to fill. Stacey recently shared how she organises her cupboards to Instagram.

Showing off three huge jars, the Loose Women panellist wrote: “Filling up giant jars with taps (I have no idea what these are called) I know they’re for drinks but I’m using mine for…”

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Stacey then labelled what each jar was used for, with one being filled with anti-bacterial spray, one with washing up soap and one with fabric softener.

Stacey also shared that she “buys all [her] cleaning bits in bulk because is waaaay cheaper and less trips to the shop so win win” [sic] .

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