Stunning Mikaela Mayer – dubbed boxing's Ronda Rousey – calls out Brit star Terri Harper and vows to 'kick her a**'

UNBEATEN boxer Mikaela Mayer has called out WBC super-featherweight champion Terri Harper as she vowed to 'kick her a**' if the two ever got it on.

The 30-year-old – who has won all 13 professional contests inside the squared circle – wants to face the British star in a unification bout down the line.

Harper defends her strap against English compatriot Natasha Jonas at Matchroom's Fight Camp on Friday, while Mayer is seeking a fight against WBO champ Ewa Brodnicka next.

And Mayer – who represented America at the 2016 Olympics in Rio – believes her amateur career will see her emerge victorious in a potential dust-up against Belter.

Speaking to Sky Sports, she said: "There's no hard feelings towards her. I just want to fight her, kick her a** and take her belt!

"If I were to fight her? I would take her out of that comfort zone that she is in, and take it to her.

"She has good skills – she's tall, uses her reach well, has a good jab. Solid, basic foundations. She doesn't have anything that is complete trash or not technically sound.

"But she isn't well-rounded yet. She still has a long way to go.

"She will develop over time. But by the time she gets to the top level? I'll be two levels ahead of her. She'll never catch up to me."

Reflecting on her own amateur career, Mayer – dubbed boxing's Ronda Rousey – added: "It makes a huge difference. I learned so much in the amateurs and, only now, I'm coming into my own.

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Safe to say me and my girls did #quarantine best. ?

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"Terri is 23 and a world champion? I don't wish I was 23 again, trust me, because I was training hard and fighting all of the time.

"Now at 30 I have all the experience, I have strength which takes years to develop, and confidence.

"I'm in my prime and it took a lot of time, and a lot of fights, to get here."

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