Summer holidays are hanging in the balance – so bring tropical sunshine and colours into your home instead

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People always say to me "Siobhan, you are so brave with colour. My house is top to toe magnolia and I really want to brighten it up. But haven’t a clue where to start!”

So here, I’ve put together a few tips to help you sprinkle some sunshine into your home this summer. Whether that’s with some tropical wallpaper, brightly coloured furniture or soft furnishings, I’ve got a few things for you to try.

Favourite colours are a good place to start but for many people, they don't readily spring to mind. Have a think about what colours you are drawn to. It might be your favourite lipstick shade, a dress that you love or a piece of artwork. Start small, maybe with cushions, throws or artwork. Then, once you are used to seeing a bit more colour around the place, you may want to dip your toe into painting a room, ceiling or feature wall in the same colour.

Take a look in your wardrobe for inspiration

Just like my lipsticks, I’m always drawn to hot pinks, burnt oranges and bright reds in my interior schemes. I think these sunset shades can really warm up the rooms in your home – but why not look in your closet for inspo?

I think what we wear can really reflect our personality. Our homes are an extension of this and another way we say to the world: "This is who I am!” As you can imagine, my wardrobe is bursting at the seams with animal prints, bright flamboyant colours and pattern upon pattern – so have a look in yours and see what jumps out at you.

The colours in these dresses absolutely scream summer to me and you could take inspiration from these colour palettes for your home decor.

I love the bold tones of this artistic clover dress:

I've often said it's good to dress the same as your home looks. I have lots of T-shirts and dresses with lip prints adorning them as well as these wonderful lip cushions by Age Of Reason Studio:

I love rainbows and I always feel happy when I'm surrounded by rainbow colours. If you are unsure about which colours to choose, why not add a few rainbow accessories? These Dunelm cushions – which cost just £12 – are an easy addition. Here are some of my other favourite rainbow picks:

Liberty's eye-catching Rainbow vase

This rainbow artwork could be the perfect way to brighten up your kitchen

Get testers of paint and wallpaper

Start gathering paint and wallpaper samples together with fabric swatches in bright summery colours. You can usually order these for free or for just a few pounds online and I think it’s always nice to see the colours in person before committing to a big paint or wallpaper purchase.

I love trying out tester pots and seeing the difference in shades at various times of the day. The weather outside can also make such a difference to how the colour behaves and, of course, you want to ensure that the colour you choose works in your home all year round and not just in the summer months.

Because I am constantly changing the colours in my home, these paint samples that you can peel and stick straight onto the wall are right up my street – 100% colour accuracy and no mess, how cool is that?!

These sample boxes from Pink House Paints are so dreamy

Which summer colours work together?

You know me – I’m not really one for rules and certainly not rules about colour! I truly believe that if you love it then that’s all that counts. There are some tried and tested colours that I have used in previous schemes which I think work beautifully together.

  • Fuscia pink, red and cobalt
  • Pale pink, orange and turquoise
  • Mustard and teal
  • Purple, lilac and orange

Adding colour with your furniture

I love brightly coloured furniture especially jewel toned velvet cocktail chairs and headboards like these ones from Oliver Bonas. Even if you have a neutral coloured scheme, pops of colour – such as this Oliver Bonas velvet chair – will really make a statement.

Or try Oliver Bonas' eye-catching mustard headboard

I have all the heart eyes for this pink heart-shaped side table, perfect to hold your gin and tonic on an balmy evening, and these yellow side tables could bring a bit of sunshine into your life!

Introducing patterns on the walls

I know floor to ceiling murals, blousy floral wallpapers and bright velvet furniture aren't everyone’s cup of tea but you don’t have to be a maximalist to introduce pattern into your interiors.

And there are lots of ways you can do this. I still really love a feature wall on the fireplace wall in the lounge or behind a headboard, it can really frame the room and add interest.

I’ve used Avalana Design murals in many of my projects and what I love about these is that the position of the animals and the colours can be adapted to suit your space and colour scheme making them totally bespoke!

So many gorgeous wallpapers on the market at the moment here are some of my favourites that are perfect for a feature wall.

This lynx pattern paper will provide a dinner party talking point

How cute is the poodle wallpaper from Poodle & Blonde? I think this would be fabulous in a bedroom or downstairs loo. And this Madagascar Lemur wallpaper is so fun, I would use this in a hallway or lounge to really bring some tropical vibes.

And remember… if you love it it cant be wrong!

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