Sweet ‘lost’ baby names making a comeback in 2021 – from Pearlina to Bee

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Choosing your baby’s name can feel like one of the most important decisions of your life.

After all, you want them to have a moniker which suits them perfectly.

And, parents usually don’t want a super popular name which means your child is one of many in the same class.

Eurgh, it’s not easy!

But, if you’re looking for an unusual, but classic, name to give to your child then there are plenty of resources out there.

For one, Nameberry has revealed the top five “lost” baby names which are ready for a comeback in 2021.

Would you give your baby one of these names? Tell us in the comments…

Having analysed data on the most popular baby names of the past three years, the naming experts have found the monikers which have begun to re-appear for the first time in decades.

First up for the baby girls is the name Bee – it hasn’t been used for over twenty years until it popped back up in 2019.

Eight little ones were given the name for the first time since 1996.

While, for the boys, the name Cobra re-appeared in 2018 after a 13 year gap.

Garrhett also made a come back after losing popularity in the late 1990s.

And, five other baby girls were named Pearline in 2018 having been unused for nearly 50 years.

Here are the top “lost” baby names which are having a moment:

  • Bee – last recorded in 1996 for girls and 2000 for boys until 2019.
  • Cobra – last recorded in 2005 until 2018.
  • Garrhett – last used in 1997 until 2018.
  • Pearlina – last used in 1970 until 2018.
  • Saunders – last popular in 2001 until 2018.

What do you think?

Would you name your baby with one of these names?

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