Take a Shot Every Time Flora Says "Perfectly Splendid" in This Bly Manor Compilation Video

You know when kids pick up a catchphrase — from TV, from a friend, or even from you — and they can’t stop saying it (no matter how many times you try to get them to stop)? At first, it can be super sweet, but after a few dozen repeats, it can start to become a bit . . . tedious. For the residents of Bly Manor, Flora’s “perfectly splendid” is that phrase.

Chronologically, Miss Jessel is the first person on The Haunting of Bly Manor to use the phrase. “Well, I’m not practically perfect, but I am . . . perfectly splendid,” she tells Flora and Miles after they first meet and the children ask her if she’ll be like their very own Mary Poppins. By using the words in her own speech after Miss Jessel has died, Flora finds a heartwarming way to remain close to her former governess and keep a small part of her alive. So, how many times does Flora actually say “perfectly splendid” throughout the series? The total rounds out to nearly 20 times! Check out every perfectly splendid utterance of the phrase here.

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