Take a Walkthrough Evangelion Kyoto Base

As the world still faces travel restrictions brought on by COVID-19, the folks at RyuTokyo have put together a walkthrough of Evangelion Kyoto Base for fans of the series.

Serving as the latest attraction at Toei Kyoto Studio Park, the main draw of the still unopened part of the amusement park is a 49-foot-tall EVA Unit-01 bust. In the video walkthrough, RyuTokyo shows off the massive representation of Shinji Ikari’s EVA and offers a look at the LCL surrounded display that replicates the feeling of a battle with an Angel. The walkthrough also goes through an EVA pilot aptitude test that features an Entry Plug photo opportunity and a chance to learn your synchronization. The end of the video then heads over to the NERV cafe which serves limited items.

Catch a walkthrough of Evangelion Kyoto Base at Toei Kyoto Studio Park above.

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