The 12 Most Followed Twitter Accounts For 2021

Social media is one of the most powerful tools a person has when it comes to engagement, and sending mass messaging to their fans and followers. Celebrities have so much reach on social media that they have the ability to leverage their influence over millions of people with the simple click of a button. Of course, the more followers someone has, the more powerful their reach is, and Flourish Studio reveals that Twitter is one of the leading platforms of choice.When it comes to popularity, there are a number of celebrities and famous faces that most people recognize as being very active and influential on Twitter, but the actual number of followers that some Twitter users have is truly astounding. Here are the most followed Twitter accounts for 2021…

12 Barack Obama: 129.6 Million

He may no longer be the President of the United States, but it’s apparent that people really want to tune in to what Barack Obama has to say. He commands top spot as the most influential person on Twitter, and ceases every moment he can to send messages of peace and justice to his massive 129.6 million person fan base. Obama remains highly respected and stands as the clearly defined leader in the Twitterverse.

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11 Justin Beiber: 113.8 Million

Canadian born artist Justin Bieber reigns supreme in the number 2 spot with a jaw-dropping 113.8 million Twitter followers that tune in to his every Tweet. He is the first musician to top the list, and has been sending messages pertaining to his new music releases, collaborations, and of course, messages that are deeply rooted in his faith. He aims to uplift his fans and is known for his inspirational posts on Twitter.

10 Katy Perry: 108.8 Million

Katy Perry is the second musician to appear on the list of most followed Twitter accounts, and is the first female to leave her mark of incredible popularity on this platform. She has a loyal fan base that tunes in to hear about her judging updates from the American Idol judge’s panel, as well as information on her numerous cosmetic products and merchandise items that are available for sale.

She has fans hanging on every word she writes, and has dominated in the world of social media for several years.

9 Rihanna: 102.3 Million

Rihanna’s loyal following on Twitter is consistently tuned in to see if she will release new music, or drop a new item in her beauty line. Fans don’t hear from Rihanna very often, which makes her account quite different than the ones that ranked higher than her on this list. This demonstrates the immense power she has over her loyal fan base. She’s far less engaged on Twitter, and has been known to be absent for weeks at a time, yet she has maintained the unwavering attention of 102.3 million fans.

8 Cristiano Ronaldo: 92.2 Million

The first athlete to make the list is Portuguese soccer player Cristiano Ronaldo. He is consistently engaged on Twitter, and is known to draw fans in by posting images of his soccer matches, and of his family. By putting up photos and Tweets of his personal family moments, his fans feel more connected to him and continue to follow his life in an effort to see more about what this professional athlete is like when he’s not in uniform.

7 Taylor Swift: 88.4 Million

Taylor Swift is one of the most influential musicians of our time, and her followers are among the most loyal that have ever existed. ‘Swifties’ follow along as Taylor informs them of her latest music releases and video teasers, and of course, she draws them in with the personal moments that fans love and crave so much. She’s an avid cat lover and truly enjoys spending time with her friends, so fans get a sneak peek into her personal life that they value and stay tuned in for.

6 Lady Gaga: 83.6 Million

Lady Gaga’s monsters are all over her Twitter account, all of the time. The singer, actress, and entertainer extraordinaire is highly engaging on Twitter, and posts a variety of images and updates pertaining to projects she has in the works. She rarely posts personal details about her private life, and doesn’t really offer fans many glimpses into the details of her personal moments, proving that she can retain a massive following based strictly on her talents as an artist.

5 Ariana Grande: 83.2 Million

Ariana Grande may only be 27 years old, but she has captivated a global audience of 83.2 million people that hang on every word she types on Twitter. She shares inspirational quotes from time to time, but for the most part, she Tweets about her career and new music releases that fans should stay tuned for… and it works.

4 Ellen DeGeneres: 78.1 Million

Ellen DeGeneres has managed to maintain 78.1 million Twitter followers in spite of all the controversy she has faced in recent months for the mistreatment of guests and staff on the set of her show. She is highly engaged on Twitter and was one of the first celebrities to endorse the platform when it was first released. She captivates her audience with a blend of personal and professional posts, and the tone of her messaging stays consistent with her comedic roots.

3 Kim Kardashian: 69.6 Million

Kim Kardashian’s Twitter feed is among the most entertaining that fans will come across. She’s constantly and consistently posting selfies in her bikini, dolled up in fancy evening gowns, and living life to the fullest. Kardashian engages fans with personal images and details about her ultra-famous family, and is known to over-indulge when it comes to filters and photo-shopping.

2 Selena Gomez: 64.8 Million

Selena Gomez has a love-hate relationship with Twitter, and has been candid about the tough moments she has experienced with critics and trolls that take aim at her on the platform. She has opted to remain engaged by putting greater focus on her career-based posts, and has slowly decreased the personal sharing on the platform. Her fans remain connected and interested in all her updates, and credit Gomez for being ‘real’ and ‘honest’ and not giving in to the fakeness that is typically associated with celebrity status.

1 Justin Timberlake: 63.5 Million

Justin Timberlake has a loyal fan base that continues to be engaged in all his personal and professional posts. He is engaged fairly regularly, and most of his fans have been with him for several years, without showing signs of losing interest in the star’s life. He takes on a number of philanthropic projects as well as engaging fans with music-based updates.

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