The Kardashians spend £275,000 on surgery – here’s what they’ve had tweaked, tucked and lifted

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After 14 years and 20 series Keeping up with the Kardashians announced this week the show is coming to an end!

Love them or hate them millions tuned in each week and watched first hand the Kardashian clan become one of the most famous families on television.

One thing that undoubtedly fascinated you all from episode to episode was the ever changing faces (and bodies) of the reality TV stars.

So I thought as my first column it would be only fitting to take you on a journey of the nips, tucks and wtf moments of the Kardashians, and breakdown what it takes and how much it costs.

Kim Kardashian-West


Kim has denied repeatedly ever having nose surgery but the photos suggest a different story. The nose was much wider and “hooked” in appearance but is now significantly slimmer and more streamlined.

Kim has suggested the change had been achieved by the magic of makeup. Whilst makeup or even dermal filler can cause similar changes in expert hands, the changes are too consistent from episode to episode suggesting a permanent change has taken place in the form of a surgical rhinoplasty.

Estimated cost: £10,000


Kim’s lips were never small but they didn’t start off as full as they are now. Over time we tend to lose volume in our faces roughly from the age of 25, approximately losing 1g of collagen per year. For Kim’s lips to be getting bigger despite this it would suggest the use of dermal fillers. It would explain not just the increase in size but also the change in shape over time. With lip fillers costing on average £700 per ml from America’s finest and treatments needed to maintain them two to three times a year it adds up to a small fortune over the 14 years of the show!

Estimated cost: £50,000

Facial contouring

Fans of the show will know Kim's go to makeup artist is her good friend Mario. He is an expert at using makeup to contour and slim the face but with the consistency of the show across 20 series we have seen Kim with and without makeup and much of the increased definition in both her cheekbones and jawline is consistent throughout.

Changes in body weight can enhance this but with pregnancy and the ageing process you would expect a decline not an enhancement in definition suggesting she may have just used dermal fillers to achieve this look. Depending on the face it takes anything from 5ml to 18mls of dermal to define and contour a whole face – and with facial fillers needing maintenance yearly the cost can be eye watering unless you have a Kardashian bank balance.

Estimated cost: £700 per ml


Kim’s body has made a major transformation with images of her regularly going viral. This makes it even harder to believe the denials of surgery especially after child birth. Unfortunately after pregnancy and during the ageing process the breasts move down due to laxity within the “Cooper ligaments” (the natural bra within the breasts). Here we see the reverse where her breasts are fuller and much more lifted suggesting the possibility of breast implants with a breast uplift. Yes, a great bra can do the same but with many photos captured without one on it’s hard to believe the boob tape alone worked wonders here.

Estimated cost: £15,000

The world famous derrière

Kim’s derrière is perhaps more famous than the show with her Paper magazine cover showing said area officially breaking the internet!

Through the years of the show it’s become bigger, rounder and more lifted. That together with her waistline and thighs becoming slimmer is a hallmark of the Brazilian buttlift. This is when fat is taken typically from the waist, stomach and thighs to slim these regions and then is transferred into the bum. Ratios of waist to bum to thighs are created that are impossible to achieve from physical training and is one of the most expensive and dangerous forms of surgery which is now banned in the UK.

Estimated cost: £20,000

WTF moment: Kim offered to x-ray her bum to prove she hasn’t had any surgery to this area, however, an x-ray wouldn’t show up a fat transfer so that was never going to work!

Khloe Kardashian


Khloe's body transformation saw her lose several stone in weight, but at the same time like her sister Kim her derrière grew. Though Khloe has put this all down to diet and exercise it makes me suspect she had the same Brazilian butt lift procedure as her sibling, but has had this done not once, not twice but at least three times.

When we remove fat in one area to treat another area sometimes up to 20 per cent of the fat can die meaning the result isn’t as round and as lifted as it was post surgery – particularly after the swelling settles. You are also limited to how much fat you can remove from the body due to the effect it can have on the heart, lungs and fluid distribution within the body. This is why I suspect this would have been repeated more than once in Khloe's case to get the famous ratios she now has compared to her body shape prior.

Estimated cost: £70,000


Here again the change in the signature Kardashian’s nose is seen comparing the photos from the first episode of the show to now.

Khloe does claim, like Kim, this is the magic of makeup – but with the nose much more slimmer and streamline a permanent surgical rhinoplasty is more likely.

Estimated cost: £10,000

WTF moment: Khloe admitted she got into Botox and fillers so much that she felt she looked “crazy” and says she had everything removed and doesn’t use them anymore. There are certainly photos supporting that. She may have gone over the top but with wrinkle free skin and chizzled features I suspect she’s likely to have changed her surgeon (to someone like me!) rather than ditched the needle.

Kourtney Kardashian


Famously known as “the natural one” ironically Kourtney was the first to admit to having a breast augmentation when she was 22, but later has regretted this feeling it’s disproportionate to her slender frame.

Estimated cost: £10,000


Though Kourtney denies any further surgery the family nose seems to have changed here again – much like her sisters Khloe and Kim. So much so I think this may be the work of the same surgeon. Time will tell if this will be another Kardashian confession…

Estimated cost: £10,000


Kourtney has always had a slender frame and looks amazing after having children with much of the credit being to her excruciating gym regime and focused diet. I really don’t think the surgeons knife or needle has been here. The same focus has been on her skin routine where she’s known to be a big believer in the benefits of Manuka honey.

Based on this and her looks she definitely does take the crown for the most “natural” Kardashian.

Kylie Jenner


Kylie's nose is much more streamlined and lifted at the tip – this is more likely to be a surgical rhinoplasty then clever makeup and at £7k -£10k it’s pocket change when you're a billionaire.

Facial contouring

If you look at Kim, Khloe and Kylie the facial contouring is identical in so many ways it has to be the same doctor with the same signature. With the classic raised cheekbones and ultra defined jaw line the devil is in the details when it comes to the use of dermal filler to create this look.

Estimated cost: £10,000 yearly


While the appearance of the signature Kardashian booty has yet to make an appearance one area on Kylie's body that has changed has been the size and shape of her breasts.

Now it is entirely possible that this could be the work of nature… but after seeing the recent WAP video where Kylie appeared with Cardi B I really don’t think this is possible and it’s likely to have been a tear drop implant to enhance the breast but give a more “natural look”.

Estimated cost: £10,000

Wtf moment: Kylie denied having lip fillers for years suggesting it was down to lip liner and makeup – selling millions of lip kits based on this – only to U turn and admit she did have lip fillers… which I had told you all along. The doc is never wrong!

Estimated cost: £50,000

So there you have it – becoming a Kardashian is expensive BUT with the billions the show and each sister has made some may argue it was a great return on the investment. I always say there’s no better investment than investing in yourself!

So which sister are you more like and which would you like to be like? Let me know your thoughts and see you soon for some more nips, tucks and wtfs with yours truly!

Dr Esho x

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