The TikTok, YouTube, & Instagram Hairstyles To Rock When You Have Greasy Roots

Try these out on those awkward, in-between-showering days.

Hair wash day is great. Whenever it comes around, it brings with it fresh, clean, and bouncy locks that make you feel like you can take on the world. But sadly, for most of us, this fresh-hair feeling doesn’t last long, and after a couple of days, things begin to get a little greasy again. Equally, if you exercise a lot, your hair and scalp can become hot and sweaty sooner. If this scenario sounds familiar to you, don’t worry, because there are actually a bunch of hairstyles to hide greasy or sweaty hair to try until the next wash cycle comes around.

With all of the styles below, I would recommend having some key styling essentials on hand. As well as a good brush and some texture spray, dry shampoo is an obvious necessity. Not only can the product absorb excess grease from the root area, but it can also add a certain level of ‘schujz’ to hair that’s flattened or weighed down with product or sweat. Many also texturise the hair like a dream. My favourites are by Ouai, Living Proof, and Klorane.

Once you’ve got your styling sprays on hand, try one of these hairstyles and see the difference it makes.

Trust me, no one will notice your greasy hair with this amazing style; they’ll be far too impressed with your braiding skills instead. Follow this TikTok to understand the style best. I’ll be honest though, you may need to rope in a flatmate or friend to help!

Watch the first style in this video to learn how to do the perfect half-up, half-down look. It’ll really take the attention away from any greasy roots and looks super soft and feminine. It’s also very easy to achieve!

Make like Monikh and throw a cute bandana over any greasy areas. This is quite literally the easiest hack to get away with in-between days, and takes minimal effort. Opt for a cute floral print for daytime and something more bold like animal print for a night out.

A ponytail may seem like an obvious choice, but making it a little bit fancy can also help take attention away from unwanted grease or sweat. If you’re a bit of a hairstyling novice too, this one should be fairly simply to do yourself.

Could there be a more fitting style than one that actually relies on your hair looking wet on purpose?! If you’re brave enough to try, this TikTok style can keep sweaty hair in check any time of day.

If bandanas aren’t really your thing, fear not. Other types of hair accessories can really come in handy on those days you don’t have time to properly wash your hair. A cute head band like Sade’s, or some fun clips and grips, can really make all the difference.

This tutorial shows you how to perfect two bun styles, one sleek and the other more messy. You could easily get away with both of them with greasy hair, but making it messy tends to help cover roots a little better. If it’s good enough for Meghan Markle…

Ah, the humble clip. So simple and yet so effective. An oversized hair clip will take all attention away from any areas you want them to. You can even go all out and add in more than one. The high street is full of awesome options, but be sure to check out Tort, an independently-owned hair accessory brand.

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