These Highchair Cleaners Are Effective And Safe

Between breakfast, lunch, and dinner and your little one’s playtime activities, there’s basically no time to squeeze in cleanings throughout the day. However, one area you should really be doing at least a couple quick touch-ups throughout the day should be your baby’s frequently used highchair. As your baby is learning to properly eat (which means most of the food probably isn’t landing in his or her mouth), most of the food is probably landing on the highchair surface and definitely on the floor. So that means you need a fast-acting and safe highchair cleaner that you can use in just seconds so you can be on your merry way.

There are solutions specifically formulated to clean your baby’s highchair or an all-natural baby specific spray can do the trick — it really depends on what’s most important to you when it comes to cleaning preferences. Some solutions are vinegar based sprays, while others are easy-to-use wipes for when time is of the essence (isn’t it always?). Below, we’ve rounded up the best highchair cleaners that will leave your baby’s eating space spotless so you can prep them for their next meal.

1. Dreft Multi-Purpose Cleaning Wipes

As a leader in creating clean products for babies, Dreft’s multi-purpose wipes are good to keep handy for messes, no matter where they are. These ultra gentle wipes are perfect to use as a highchair cleaner, but they’re also safe to use on baby toys, car seats, or other hard surfaces around the house or specifically your baby’s nursery. The irritating formula will never bother you or your little one’s eyes, and it doesn’t have a strong scent either so you won’t have to debate if this cleaner is safe to use around sensitive babies. Plus, this set is a pack of four, so you’ll always have a back up on hand, which means less time worrying about restocking supplies.


2. Babyganics Highchair Spray

If you’re looking for an eco-friendly cleaning solution, this two-pack of gentle sprays from Babyganics is a top choice. The plant-based cleaner contains ingredients that are safe to use around your baby, pets, and family so you can have peace of mind while cleaning up while they’re still in the highchair. As far as non-toxic highchair cleaners go, this non-irritating formula is one you can’t go wrong with. It’s free of ammonia, bleach, phosphates, parabens, fragrances, and dyes and it’s never tested on animals either, so it’s good from the inside out. Aside from your baby’s highchair, it also works on toys, tables, or other places your baby frequents, so all your surfaces are clean from top to bottom.


3. Dapple Natural Toy Cleaner

In today’s world, it’s not just important to look for a cleaning product that effectively cleans. With so many advancements in the cleaning industry, you can have a product that’s powerful and safe for the environment and your family too. There’s no need to incorporate strong chemicals into your cleaning routine, which can leave your home smelling like bleach. Instead, opt for this biodegradable highchair cleaner by Dapple, which will make your child’s highchair sparkle without the guilt. It’s fragrance free, and contains no alcohol, dyes, chlorine, or the laundry list of other harsh ingredients that can be commonly found in cleaning products.


4. Aunt Fannie’s Cleaning Vinegar

When it comes to healthier housekeeping practices, you can always rely on Aunt Fannie’s to get your home sparkling in every crack and crevice. This particular vinegar spray is just what you need in your cleaning cabinet to sanitize just about any surface, which makes it an effective highchair cleaner. If you prefer to have a bit of scent, this formula is made with essential oils that are soft and subtle. Available in multiple fresh scents from bright lemon and sweet mandarin to eucalyptus, your home will have just the right amount of scent to go around without being overbearing. This powerful cleaner is made with food-based ingredients and requires no rinsing. You also don’t need to worry about stubborn residue either, so there’s less cleaning to worry about.


5. Better Life Cleaner

Scented with essential oils and botanical extracts, this green cleaner will leave your house smelling fresh without the pungent smell. It’s a plant-derived formula that contains agents from soap Bark, coconut, and corn, so if going all natural is a priority, this is one of the best cleaning formulas you can find that will actually clean with power. It’s also cruelty free, but manages to clean up grease and grime with ease. With this two-pack, you’ll be equipped to clean the bathroom, kitchen, nursery room and beyond. Plus, the packaging is safe for the environment too: it’s made with solar energy and recyclable materials and biodegradable materials.


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