‘This is a big one’: Martin Lewis shares M&S Christmas deal but warns often sell early

Martin Lewis explains the concept of 'forgotten gold'

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Martin Lewis shared with shoppers some of the best Christmas deals available from this week. The money expert advised viewers to take advantage of “huge discounts” via new Advent calendars.

Beauty Advent calendars are worth it even if you don’t intend to open and use the products day-by-day as they provide you with the items you’d normally buy separately for much cheaper

They’re also great for dividing up as gifts for friends or family.

“There’s so much stuff in them.

“You can divide them to give for Christmas, or for a birthday rather than using them all yourself,” Martin suggested.

“This is a way you can bag beauty products at a fraction of the normal cost,” he said.

Martin warned “these often sell early”, however, “if they don’t, they can be discounted later.”

Holland & Barrett

Holland & Barrett has released a vegan beauty Advent calendar available from today.

It costs £45 delivered, with contents H&B says are worth £170. Martin said his valuation of the products is £165.

Latest in Beauty

Online beauty box retailer Latest in Beauty is offering an Advent calendar box for £70 plus £3.95 delivery for contents that it says normally cost about £360.

Martin said the calendar is worth £341.

The Body Shop

The Body Shop has three calendars at varied price points – £55, £80 or £140.

£55 Share the Joy Advent calendar includes products such as bath bubbles, body butter or sheet mask. The retailer says the contents are normally £77.


“This is a big one. I reckon it cost around £300,” Martin said.

Available from October 28, M&S has a beauty Advent calendar worth £300 of make-up and skincare for only £40.

However, shoppers can get it when they spend £30 or more on other items

“It’ll cost £40, but to be eligible to buy it, you’ll need to spend £30 or more on other beauty, clothing, or home items – so you’ll be spending at least £70 to get the calendar,” Martin said.

M&S says it includes a whopping £300-worth of products.

Martin revealed: “If you go to the website you can buy it online now – don’t tell them I told you that!”

The money expert also recommended a John Lewis £100 e gift card shoppers can get if they buy electrical items costing more than £700.

Finally, he shared supermarket Morrisons has an in-store toy sale up to 50 percent off available from today.

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