This is what Chanel West Coast really eats in a day

Chanel West Coast likes to keep fans involved in her life. This includes home tours of her glamorous Los Angeles pad as well as NSFW poolside pics. In turn, fans aren’t shy to speak up about what they see in the hip hop star, both good and bad. Recently, Chanel got called out for potential plastic surgery after sharing selfies where people wondered what she did to her face.

While Chanel has a big list of haters, the one area that the Ridiculousness host has not been criticised over is her body. Chanel shares regular posts on Instagram of her workouts and, subsequently, many photos of her athletic body and we love it!

Chanel actually answered a fan’s question, when someone inquired if the adorable space where she does her workouts is at her home. Chanel responded, “Yes lol.” It’s legit the cutest place ever, with pink walls and pink equipment. So jealous right now. 

While workouts are key, we’re also dying to know what our girl Chanel eats in a day to maintain such a bangin’ physique. Fortunately, we found out and the answer might surprise you.

Chanel West Coast's diet will shock you

Chanel West Coast opened up about what she eats everyday and, like, wow. Judging from how gorgeous her body is, we expected to hear that she followed a strict diet, but in fact, our girl is a little more relaxed when it comes to food. Chanel told Hollywood Life: “You need to work out! I mean a lot of people like to start themselves on cute diets but the truth is you can really eat whatever you want as long as you workout on a daily basis.”

Chanel got really honest and said: “I try to eat healthy but since I work out I still enjoy a large pizza by myself! But In & Out burgers and all those things, you can have those as long as you workout.”

So Chanel works out in order to eat what she wants. Her system is clearly working because the hip-hop star looks stunning!

Chanel West Coast talks exercise

Chanel West Coast shared her thoughts on what’s important for exercise, especially for female physiques. According to Hollywood Life, when asked what routines are good or bad, Chanel said: “I wouldn’t say any workout is bad or I hate it but for women focus on your cardio, because if you do too much weights and you are a woman then you are going to bulk up a little bit you know.”

Part of Chanel’s secret to looking so good is knowing how to dress for each body type. The MTV host told Hollywood Life that she’s had to learn this lesson, saying: “Finding the right clothes that flatter your body is everything because in the past, I wasn’t as aware. Back when low-rise jeans were in, that was the worst thing ever for me.” This was an important discovery because, as Chanel added: “I’ve got high hips.”

We love getting advice from our favorite Los Angeles gal, especially since she continues to slay on social media!

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