Time traveller warns new universes and aliens will be discovered in 2023

A mysterious TikTok user, who claims to be a "time traveller" has claimed humans will find new universes and make first contact with aliens at the start of 2023.

The creator, known under the username @2983.time.traveller, has gained more than 1,500 followers for posting their outlandish warnings and claiming to come from the year 2983.

Now, the TikToker has warned of three key dates their followers should look out for, just weeks before the new year begins.

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In the video, which has gained more than 14,700 views, they wrote: "Attention. Yes, I am a real time traveller, remember these dates for the start of 2023.

"January 30th: Humans discover three alternate universes which are unbalanced.

"February 14th: 4 high school students in Mexico will receive unknown abilities from the sun never seen before!

"February 10th: A UFO lands near Area 51, bringing a new alien species with it. Stay safe."

However, viewers were left divided over the clip as they took to the comments to debate whether the creator is who they claim to be.

One user commented: "How we can believe you are a time traveller?? Reply meee."

Another wrote: "I believe you."

A third argued: "People be like oh I'm a real time so I like what the f*** shut the f*** you're not."

A fourth user tried to test them out, asking: "Is this true? I have one question when will the war with Ukraine end."

To which, the creator replied: "2026."

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The news comes after a self-proclaimed time traveller has left viewers scratching their heads when sharing a clip of the yet-to-happen World Cup final.

The TikToker, who claims to be from the future, said "it's coming home" in a latest post showing "proof" of England winning the Qatar World Cup in a final showdown against Portugal.

But fans were not too convinced as some mentioned "other time travellers" gave very different predictions on the final result.


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