Trader Joe's Added a Delicious New Snack Just in Time for the Super Bow

Trader Joe’s ravioli has long been one of our favorite easy weeknight dinner staples. Plain cheese ravioli is delicious, but TJ’s also has seasonal flavors come out each year, and they’re pretty high quality accross the board. But their newest ravioli takes things in a different direction (though you might still catch us eating it for dinner). They just introduced breaded fried ravioli, and we’re excited to pick up a bag of it just in time for our Super Bowl Sunday snack fest.

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If you’ve never had fried ravioli before, you’re in for a treat. It’s also known as toasted ravioli, and it was supposedly invented in St. Louis, Missouri in the 1950s, when a tipsy cook at an Italian restaurant dropped some ravioli into a boiling pot of oil rather than water. And thank goodness they did, because an appetizer akin to the ambrosia of the Gods was born. You can find toasted or fried ravioli as an appetizer at many Italian pizza restaurants accross the country, though it’s sadly not as popular as mozzarella sticks or jalapeno poppers, though it totally deserves a seat at that table.

Trader Joe’s fried ravioli brings that pizzeria flavor home, and you don’t even need to take a trip to St. Louis. The cheese ravioli is coated in breadcrumbs, and you can find it in the Trader Joe’s freezer aisle. For the crispiest results, you can prepare your fried ravioli in the air fryer (instructions are on the bag), you can pan fry it, or you can bake it in a conventional oven, though it won’t get quite as crispy that way.

Becuase it’s so rich, we recommend serving the fried ravioli with a tangy-sweet marinara sauce, or even a spicy arrabiata, which will help cut through the cheesy, carb-y goodness of it all. Then again, you could double down on decadence and serve them with some of TJ’s new “Magnifisauce,” an In-N-Out burger sauce dupe.

We’ll be honest, we might not even be watching the Super Bowl this year, but you can bet your bottom dollar that we’ll have a platter of air fried Trader Joe’s breaded fried ravioli on the table nonetheless.

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