Tricky brainteaser will test your mathematics skills with 89 seconds to beat

A difficult equation-style brainteaser has taken the internet by storm and it will put your mathematical skills to the test.

A series of equations, created by Reassured, are designed to encourage parents to think about the financial impact of having kids.

Numerous items of baby stuff, like bottles, soothers and bibs, appear to cost different amounts in the set of tricky questions.

Now it's challenging readers to calculate how much each item is worth.

If you think you've got what it takes… The current time to beat is just 89 seconds.

You can dust off your equation-solving skills and try this brainteaser out for yourself (if you dare).

Don't forget to leave a comment telling us how good (or bad) you did too!

Each puzzle features various average costs associated with raising a child across housing, food and clothing.

Then it's rounded up the nearest thousand pounds.

It comes after a recent study found the basic cost of raising a child until the age of 18 is a whopping £71,611.

This further rises to £152,747 when other costs, for example housing, clothing and food are taken into account.

Struggling to find the answers to these equations? You can scroll down to find out how well you did.

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Question 1: Baby clothes = £4,000, Dummie = £2,000, Bib = £3,000

Question 2: Milk = £3,000, Baby food = £1,000, fruits = £1,000

Question 3: Door = £500,Window = £250, For Sale Sign = £750

Looking for more? Another brainteaser left social media users baffled when the colourful image had seven letters hiding somewhere.

Posting on Reddit, at first glance you'll never believe there's a number of letters hiding in the colourful square.

On another occasion, a tricky puzzle challenges players to find the spooky face in the photo.

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