Two ‘dirty’ female plane passengers leave social media horrified by resting their bare feet on the seats in front – The Sun

TWO female plane passengers have left their fellow travellers in horror by resting their bare feet on top of the seats in front.

A photo shared to social media caused uproar, with some branding the mystery women "dirty", "nasty" and wondering if they were in the middle of an "in-flight gynecological exam".

The unusual snap shows two women in the narrow aisles of the economy cabin of a commercial aeroplane.

The women are seen sitting mid-way along the length of the plane and appear eager to stretch their legs by propping them on the seats in front.

Their bare feet can be seen sticking up above the seats in front where other disgusted passengers look on.

However, their faces are obscured behind the seats and their identity is not yet known.

Free OB-GYN exam with flight.

The photo has since been shared on the Instagram account Passenger Shaming where it now has over 500 comments and 8,000 likes.

One disgusted person said: “Definitely airlines have to apply a dress code and what is not allowed rules while in a flight.

“It’s incredible how gross people can be.”

A less concerned person replied: "Wave your feet in the air like you just don't care!"

Another said: "Free OB-GYN exam with flight."

One irritated person wrote: “Maybe if their faces start getting shown, this behaviour will cease.”

Another called the pair “dirty people”.

A third called the women “nasty”.

One questioned: “How is this even comfortable?

“I don’t understand!”

And another replied: “Damn you Yoga! Nobody was doing this when I was a kid.

“Those seats are so tiny and tight. I cannot figure out how they even manage to do this.”

Meanwhile, some of the worst passengers on a flight have been revealed in a series of pictures capturing their bad behaviour.

Another bizarre moment on a plane caught a woman allowing her child to use the potty in the middle of the flight.

A man was seen picking his feet during a flight, prompting people to call for him to be jailed for the revolting act.

Another flyer was seen using his bare feet to swipe through the in-flight entertainment system – and his toes even left a mark because they had been propped up for so long.

One trashy flyer was seen making herself at home and putting her bare feet onto the headrest of the passenger in front of her.

Even worse for one woman, who became the victim of someone who used her headrest to prop up their dirty feet.

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