Tyson Fury’s chaotic house sends fans into hysterics with son peeing on floor, smashed pram and VERY angry neighbours – The Sun

TYSON FURY left fans in hysterics after he live streamed his workout from home with the nation on lockdown.

The heavyweight world champion, 31, shared a two-minute glimpse inside his house life – and it was more than enough.

As the Gypsy King got down to work with some weights, wall jumps and tricep dips, his family life continued around him.

And to call it chaotic would be an understatement.

The dad-of-five started off indoors as he told viewers to grab their dumb bells – or tins of beans if they didn't have weights – and work along with him.

Fury quickly took the party outside, with wife Paris and their children – and dog – all racing around nearby.

As he repeatedly slammed his medicine ball into the floor for a quick full-body workout, one of his kids tried to play along.

Unfortunately, they picked up a toy pram and smashed it into the ground.

While Fury moved on to do some tricep dips against the garden wall, Paris can be heard screaming in a panicked manner… because one of the little 'uns decided to have a wee on the patio.


Paris quickly asks one of them to grab some bleach and water, before Fury laughs and asks the neighbours – now outside too – to join them.

It's fair to say his offer was rebuffed as they angrily waved him off, with the boxer's music blaring in the background the whole time.

All the while, the 6ft 9in star is keen to remind fans he's just a "normal" guy with a "normal" family…

After watching the two-minute ordeal, fans couldn't help but joke about about it on Twitter.

One wrote: "Only Tyson Fury can make quarantine look fun. The best sports entertainer in the world."

Another said: "Chaos! Kid smashing the pram like it’s WWE!"

A third added: "I need a lie down after that and I was only watching it!"

One pointed out: "I like how his wife sends one of the kids to go get the bleach."

Just two days into the government-issued lockdown and Fury has already now released TWO hilarious home videos.

On Tuesday, the boxing star attempted another live workout to his social media followers – only to have his kids gatecrash it and completely steal the show.

We now wait for day three of Tyson's video diary and what carnage may be in store.

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