WATCH: Bodies in the Backyard, a Crime Scene in the Shower: Murder House Flip Is Not Your Typical Home Makeover Show

Murder House Flip is about as far from a typical HGTV episode as you can get.

On Wednesday, the new streaming service Quibi (launching April 6) debuted the first trailer for its home makeover-meets-true crime series, which features homes with a dark past getting a new life.

The properties featured on the show are some of “the country’s most infamous homes: the ones known for mysterious murders committed behind their walls,” a press release promises.

Sure enough, the homes highlighted in the trailer detailed some grim crimes.

“This is where the bodies were buried?” one of the show’s hosts asks a homeowner while surveying their backyard.

“Yeah, there was seven bodies total,” he says, after telling the hosts that there was “still an aura that there was something here.”

Other homeowners described murders that took place in their living room, bathrooms and even bedrooms.

“To afford to live by the beach, we had to buy a house where a guy chopped his wife up,” one person on the show said.

Some homes might still hold missing murder weapons. One scene sees a contractor taking apart a brick wall and discovering a surprising object.

Murder House Flip will delve deep into the troubling history of the featured houses, before giving them a decidedly more cheerful new appearance.

“Murder and makeover don’t usually go together, but this isn’t just about design,” the show’s hosts say in the trailer. “We need to give the space new life and energy.”

According to the press release, the renovation process of the homes will include not only expert designers and carpenters, but forensic specialists and spiritual healers as well.

Murder House Flip will also differ from other home flipping shows in that the flippers won’t be making a profit.

Instead, executive producer Josh Berman (who is also behind the CSI franchise) explained in the release, the show is meant to bring “healing and solace to families living in the aftermath of tragic events by transforming dark places into healthy spaces.”

Quibi and Murder House Flip will be available for streaming on April 6.

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