Watch the Opening Scene of Illegal Civ's Debut Feature Film 'NORTH HOLLYWOOD'

Illegal Civ and Mikey Alfred have unveiled the opening scene of their debut feature film, NORTH HOLLYWOOD.

The one-minute clip begins with Michael (Ryder McLaughlin) burning the tips of his shoelaces as he and his friends, Adolf (Aramis Hudson) and Jay (Nico Hiraga), get ready to skate in a school. A security guard, portrayed by Workaholics alum Blake Anderson, tries to stop them from skating and filming on the property but is properly foiled by Adolf as he blocks him from disrupting Michael’s trick. The chaotic yet amusing scene reaches its apex when another security guard comes over and is mooned by Jay, causing the skaters and the security guards to get into a kerfuffle. It quickly switches over to a church where Michael, Adolf and Jay can be seen serving as altar boys.

Joining McLaughlin, Hudson and Hiraga in the main cast are Vince Vaughn and Miranda Cosgrove, while Angus Cloud, Gillian Jacobs and Sunny Suljic make appearances.

Watch the opening clip of NORTH HOLLYWOOD above. The film is available to stream on all major VOD platforms starting May 14.

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