Wildcats’ Reggie Howard grabs interception, is begged not to curse on camera, curses anyway

Reggie Howard is no good at following directions, apparently.

The 6-3, 290-pound D-lineman hasn’t been shy to fun sideline conversations this season, with Sunday’s Wildcats vs. Vipers matchup no exception to that. Howard picked off Tampa Bay QB Taylor Cornelius and was clearly overcome with emotion. 

ESPN sideline reporter Molly McGrath caught up with Howard soon after the play, and she had one specific request: keep the language clean.  

“Please no cursing,” Molly McGrath urges. “Please no cursing.” (It seemed like more of a prayer for herself than it was a request, actually.)

After Howard mimics a bleeping sound, he answers McGrath’s question — and doesn’t follow her instructions at all. Judging by the shocked look on McGrath’s face, her quick exit of and the censoring of Howard’s answer, it’s safe to say that the big man let a few profanties rip in the short-lived interview.

Let’s take a guess at what Howard said here:

On a serious note, the access that reporters have had during this season of the XFL has been something refreshing for football, but it hasn’t been without its faults; While the emotion from the players, often pure and unadultered, is greatly appreciated for the viewer, it can really put reporters in tough spots. Generally, those reporters have done a really good job, with McGrath an example of that professionalism.

It’s one thing to catch a coach at the end of a half, who are usually measured in their words and give the viewer nothing. But speaking with players after big plays — good or bad — can lend those situations to viral moments. No exception. 

Still, this is clean, family programming, dag gummit!

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