Woman fed up with dating men claims she’s fallen for alien after UFO abduction

Abbie Bela has landed herself an out-of-this-world lover.

She claims she has fallen for an alien after being abducted by a UFO.

Abbie reckons she was taken from her bedroom window this month.

Last month we told how a gran from Bradford said she had been abducted by ­aliens more than 50 times.

Paula Smith claimed her first close encounter was when she was a little girl and they had continued ever since.

The 50-year-old even shared images of bruises she claims were left on her body by aliens.

But actress Abbie, who is in her 30s, says her ET paramour is her “soul mate” – and better than any earthling.

Though she’s still waiting for a second date with her sweetheart from the Andromeda galaxy.

Abbie said: “I am sick of men from Earth. I joked online about wanting an alien to abduct me.

“I then started dreaming every night of a white light. One night, a voice in my dream said, ‘Wait in the usual spot’.

“The next evening, I sat next to my open window. As I drifted to sleep, a flying saucer appeared outside. There was a bright green beam which transported me to the UFO.”

Abbie claims there were five aliens which had a human build but were “very tall and slender”.

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She said: “There was one who connected with me.

“I felt the same. He said I had to consent to go with them, but I didn’t want to say yes in case they took me forever.”

Abbie said she was safely returned home to Canary Wharf in east London after 20 minutes.

She now has an overnight bag ready and said: “I hope he comes back. I am willing to visit the Andromeda galaxy.”

But Abbie has faced a backlash over her new lover, and added: “It is controversial for people who haven’t considered interspecies dating.

“I’m willing to give it a go – I’m going to be one of the first to normalise it.”

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