Woman jokes ’17-day coronavirus quarantine’ has given her unibrow and moustache

A woman has made a hilarious video about being stuck indoors for weeks on end – with many people now choosing to self-quarantine to save lives during the coronavirus pandemic.

Comic Robyn Schall made a tongue-in-cheek clip about self-isolation goals versus reality, starting the sketch with an optimistic video blog.

With an upbeat grin, she says: “Hey guys! Day one of quarantining and I’m really excited.”

Opening the fully-stocked fridge behind her, she happily continues: “I have a lot of food and we’re gonna work out every day and we’re gonna get fit and healthy – we have got this!”

In the next clip, she says: “Hey guys. Today is Day five of staying inside. I probably will shower today…. I’ll shower tomorrow.”

Alarmingly, Robyn resembles a wolf-person in the final clip, with fake hair glued all over her face – including a fetching monobrow and an out-of-control moustache.

With a maniacal look, she says: “Day 17 of staying inside. I just wanna let people know that I’m now single so if anyone is interested hit me up, have a little FaceTime lovemaking…”

“If you’re interested, you know, if you’re lonely, if you have nothing to do, hit me up,” she adds with a wink.

The comedian later tweeted out the funny clip, writing: "Women around the world are scared for day 17 of self-quarantine!"

Robyn is not the only person to try and lift spirits with a laugh during the COVID-19 crisis.

Conan O'Brien, who hosts a self-titled show, made a skit about "useful" alternatives to toilet paper due to the basic commodity becoming a hoarding staple and vanishing off shelves.

A That Mitchell and Webb Look comedy sketch has now gone viral too – with fans saying the comedy duo "predicted coronavirus" with a spookily accurate depiction of the apocalypse 10 years ago.

And an Instagram beauty influencer shared a toilet paper beauty tutorial with a cheeky message after sticking empty cardboard tubes in her hair to get natural-looking waves.

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