Woman shames partner for cleaning hotel room on holiday – but people are on his side | The Sun

A MAN has sparked debate online by admitting to doing an unusual thing whenever he checks out of hotels.

The boyfriend revealed that he drove his girlfriend "mental" whenever they stayed away and it came time to leave their accommodation.

However, not everyone thinks that he is as weird as she does, with some even complimenting him for his behaviour.

The man explained that whenever he stays in a hotel, he strips the bed and piles up the towels in the bathroom, as it makes life easier for staff.

He took to social media site Reddit to ask other people to settle the debate.

He said: "When you stay in a hotel for a weekend away or whatever, when leaving the hotel I strip the bed, gather the towels and put them all in a pile in the shower or bath.

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"My reasoning is that it makes the hotel worker's jobs easier (I heard they get 7 minutes to completely ready a room), and also ensures that the bed is changed for the next person.

"My gf thinks I'm mental. One of the arguments my partner has raised is that stripping the bed may look as though something very bad has happened. But it hasn't.

"Any thoughts? Do others do this? Any hotel workers want to chime in?"

The post received a lot of attention, with several people responding, including hotel workers who praised the man for his efforts.

One said: "Just so you know, I worked at a hotel and doing that does actually help the housekeepers big time. So please keep doing it, it’s a very nice gesture that is definitely appreciated by the staff!"

Another added: "Thank you for every housekeeper everywhere. We do appreciate this. It does make our job easier and also less likely to touch suspicious fluids on sheets."

A former housekeeper who worked at a resort in Australia previously revealed that it is better to strip the bed than leave it made, as then they might not even bother changing the sheets.

They told Business Insider: "If we think you haven't used the bed at all, we may not change the sheet."

They added it is actually better if the bed "looks slept in" when they are cleaning the room.

Last month a hotel worker shared a video on Tiktok explaining why she always prefers guests to strip the beds.

She said: "These guests have stripped the beds which takes a good three or four minutes off this room for me.

"And as we have to get each room done in a set amount of time, doing things like this is you are staying in a hotel, you're f****** amazing."

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