Woman spat at by strangers due to body mods – but won’t stop getting them

A body modification fan gets approached by strangers in the street due to her extreme looks.

While some love Maria Spallek’s eye-popping appearance, others have reacted negatively to it.

Shockingly, the Twitch streamer says she’s been spat at in the street because of her tattoos, inked eyeballs and split tongue.

Recalling an experience she had in Berlin, Germany, she told Truly : “There were two people who spat at me.”

The 30-year-old has also been approached by people who have insulted her.

She added: “One person who stopped in front of me was asking me if I know that I’m ugly.”

While some taunt Maria when she’s out in public, others can’t get enough of her look.

She explained: “Often they come to me and say: ‘wow you look so crazy and you have my respect for that’.”

These varying reactions to Maria’s appearance can make her feel a bit paranoid.

She revealed: “My look is for sure something people would like to look at. It makes people crowd around me.

“My tattoos make me in one way more confident – but I’m also a little bit shy because I don’t know why people are looking at me.”

Maria continued: “It could be that they think I’m cute, or I’m a freak, or they’re afraid or they’re just curious.

“It makes me kind of insecure.”

Even though the German influencer can get hung-up on comments people make, she refuses to let critics get in the way of her love for tattoos.

She said: “If see a part of my body and it feels like I need to change it then I just do it.”

Maria added: “Everyone chooses their own way for what makes them feel good.

“For some people it’s buying lots of clothes, for others it’s changing their hair colour and for me it’s body modifications.

“I don’t think I’m ever going to stop getting tattoos.”

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