Woman tries to make Christmas gonk decoration but it ends up looking very rude

Christmas gonks have surged in popularity in recent years.

The Scandanavian elves have sprung up in supermarkets in recent weeks.

And some DIY-loving Brits have even attempted to create their own.

This method allows you to personalise your Christmassy creature however you’d like.

But be warned – crafting doesn’t always go to plan.

On Facebook, a mum shared a picture of her handmade gonk that had gone terribly wrong.

She told the Extreme Couponing and Bargains UK group: "Made my own gonk.

"The nose is a bit suspicious but trust me it looked even worse before as it’s just a ball in a sock.

“To start with you could see the seam across the top of the sock which looked hilarious… If you get what I mean"

The post garnered 2,900 likes and many praised the woman’s creativity.

But as anticipated, many couldn’t help laughing at the gonk’s nose.

One commenter asked: “Is the nose a willy?”

Another said: “Looks like a ball bag.”

A third laughed: “Love it… but that nose looks a bit suspicious.”

And a fourth suggested: “You might want to colour that nose in. Not sure what colour maybe yellow.”

So what do you make of the DIY gonk? Leave us your thoughts in the comments section below.

If you want to buy a Christmas gonk instead of making your own, listen up.

Aldi is selling the festive figures for an affordable £9.99.

The sweet little decorations come in grey or red and have sparkling, sequin hats and striped sleeves.

They make a nice change from the old elves and reindeer ornaments.

Plus, many shoppers pointed out that they liked the grey gonks because they fit nicely into more neutral colour schemes.

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