Young Thug Wants To Be the "Richest Black Man in the World"

While Young Thug is currently gearing up for the fall release of his sophomore album Punk, the rapper wants people to know that he has much bigger aspirations than just his musical pursuits.

In a recent interview with Rolling Stone‘s Jeff Ihaza, Thug was asked if he plans to adopt a lifestyle similar to that of multi-hyphenate rappers like Kanye West and JAY-Z, both of whom lead successful ventures outside of their music careers.

“Yeah, I want to be the richest Black man in the world,” he responded.

The financial goal may not be that far off for Thug, who, like the aforementioned rappers, has pioneered his own clothing line called Sp5der and has future plans for the label as the world regains a sense of normalcy.

Rolling Stone states that if the rapper achieves his goal, he’ll be the “first truly benevolent billionaire to ever exist,” considering that he’s known to bestow his friends with cash and gifts and just purchased a house for his mother in their home state of Georgia.

Thug has also given fans a preview of the forthcoming Punk in this week’s NPR Tiny Desk (Home) Concert in a performance that featured four new songs.

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