Your Aries Monthly Horoscope for April

Put these dates in your Google Cal rn:

  • April 7th: It’s time to shine the flashlight in the darkness.
  • April 19th: Don’t eat your greens—secure them in a savings account.
  • April 22nd: Did your bank account just get fillers?

Well, well, well, Aries. Here we are. A lot has changed since last month—and no, not just because it’s your birthday season. And although coronavirus may have ruined your birthday plans, your fiery, spirited energy is the spark of hope we need to get us through this weird, painful moment. So, whether you’re going ham on Instagram Live or starting an at-home workout revolution, don’t be afraid to show up as your most dynamic, vivacious self. We love to see it!

Keep a close eye on events that take place on April 4th. On this date, Jupiter (the planet of expansion) and Pluto (symbolizing large-scale transformation) align for the first time since 2007. This is the first of a three-part series: The next instances will occur on June 30th and November 12th. When these two head honchos connect, they kick off a new 13-year cycle that will help you connect with your long-term legacy. What do you want to accomplish, Aries love? How will you define your legacy? Of course, you don’t need to answer these questions overnight, but let this planetary connection inspire big-thinking.

On April 7th, a dramatic full moon in Libra—your opposite sign—electrifies the night sky. This lunation lights up your partnership zone, so don’t be surprised if you find out critical information about your closest companions. Keep in mind that not all relationships are romantic, so while this may involve an S.O., it could also involve a business partner or BFF. These discoveries will be significant, but somewhat challenging. Remember, Aries, the truth isn’t always pretty, but clarity is better than stumbling through the dark.

And just like that, your birthday season concludes on April 19th, as the Sun glides into Taurus. And sure, you may need to pass the proverbial birthday hat (or maybe it’s literal… omg, do you have a literal party hat, Aries?), but now it’s time for greens. No, not your kale smoothie. Money. The Moon also moves into Taurus on April 22nd, reinforcing your newfound financial focus. For the next few weeks, you’ll be rewarded with new money-making opportunities. Whether you’re implementing a budget, transferring dollars into savings, or picking up a new gig, the end of April is all about enhancing your resources. And that is a very beautiful thing!

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