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CALLING over a flight attendant can be a minefield for passengers, but there are ways to do it nicely and ways to do it badly.

We don't mind you being a little abrupt, and we're okay with cultural variations, but there's absolutely no need for you to be rude.

In my latest weekly blog for Sun Online Travel, we'll delve deep into how you should and shouldn't be calling over your cabin crew members, including the things we love and hate.

Firstly, I'll start with touching your flight attendants – something you shouldn't really ever do.

I've been prodded, poked and even pinched before and it's really not on at all.

There are so many other ways to get our attention as we come through the aisle that it shouldn't ever come to physical contact, which is a boundary that most of us wouldn't like you to cross.

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If you feel like your efforts are being ignored, then a gentle tap on the shoulder is the absolute most we would accept, but only in very rare instances.

Beyond touching us, you shouldn't shout at us or treat us like we're your servants.

That's incredibly rude and obnoxious, but beyond that, I'm pretty happy to respond to most ways of getting my attention.

I've had people click at me, whistle, and all sorts and honestly, it doesn't bother me – use whatever's at your disposal and I'll try and respond to you.

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Some people are probably more precious than me, but most of us understand that different cultures find different things acceptable and that we shouldn't take offence.

For one, not everyone speaks English and they all have their own methods of contacting flight attendants, so I don't really mind.

Some people use kissing noises to call us over for instance and things like that aren't a huge problem for me – I find it really interesting to learn how different people do it.

As long as you're not obviously being rude or demeaning, we're happy enough to help you.

The final obvious point on this topic is the call bell, which pretty much all of us loathe.

We're taught to stick to the "coke or stroke" motto whenever we hear the bell.

That means that each time someone presses the button, it could be for a drink, or it could just as easily be a medical emergency. That means we're usually pretty quick to respond.

However, we'd rather you only used those for really important things because, if we're not in the aisles, we're usually doing something important elsewhere on the aircraft.

You're totally within your right as a passenger to expect service if you need it, but it's worth checking what we're up to and whether that's a good moment to press the button.

A better way to approach the situation instead is to come looking for us.

One of us will be in the galley, with all the food, drinks and pretty much anything you might ask for anyway, so it won't do you any harm to stretch your legs and come and ask – that's perfectly fine.

That way we're not charging up and down the aircraft, reacting as if someone could be having a heart attack when all they need is a beer.

Also, as a final point on call bells, we know that kids like to press them because it's fun. If you're a parent and you've got a child who is likely going to be playing with them, please let us know.

We have the option to turn off their call bell, so they can press away, without disturbing us and our service. There's lots of other call bells on the plane if you need us urgently.

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