10 YouTube Channels To Keep Your Kids Moving Indoors While Quarantined

Are your kids already sick of coloring, TV, and Play-Doh during the coronavirus outbreak? If you’re worried that your children won’t get enough physical activity in quarantine, here are the YouTube channels you need to check out.

From virtual dance parties to kid-friendly yoga, each of these YouTubers has creative ways for your kids to keep moving during self-isolation.

Cosmic Kids Yoga

These yoga sessionsare unlike any kid-friendly yoga classes you’ve ever seen. Each video keeps littleones engaged with fun, interactive storytelling that integrates common yoga posesand mindfulness moments. Each one is easy to do, even with very little space.

Zumba With Dovydas

You’ve probably taken a Zumba class at some point yourself, but your kids might love it as much as you do. This Zumba channel boasts several easy-to-follow choreography videos geared specifically towards younger dancers, some of which have millions of views.

Little Sports

Little Sports’simple workouts for kids, ranging from 10 to 20 minutes, will help your kidsshake out energy in the morning or get out the last of their “jumps” at night.Some routines are focused on full-body workouts, while others (probably bestfor older kids) hone in on fat-burning exercises.

Yoga For Kids With Smile and Learn

This educational YouTubechannel includes several popular kid-friendly yoga videos, featuring youngaspiring yogis. Each one pairs engaging storytelling with gentle yoga poses tohelp your child move and relax at the same time.

GoNoodle’s Indoor Recess

Are your kids missing the playground during COVID-19isolation? GoNoodle’sIndoor Recess activities offer fun alternatives, from dance-a-long songs to interactivestorytelling and movement exercises.

The Kiboomers

The Kiboomers’ kids’ music channel offers plenty of songs to get your kids up and moving in coronavirus quarantine. Check out their viral freeze dance, the movement-based song that can help your kindergartener learn to count, and rhyming songs like “Hop a Little Jump a Little.”

The Toddler Action Learning series, geared specifically towards younger children, is especially addictive—and perfect for kids who tend to get bored or antsy indoors.

Brain Breaks at The Learning Station

The Brain Breaks series from The LearningStation, which pairs guided movement sequences with animated music videos, hashundreds of millions of views. The most popular songs include “Shake Your SilliesOut” and “Boom Chicka Boom.”  Try one ortwo songs on their own for an active break during a homeschooling session, or puton the whole playlist as a recess alternative.

Dance-A-Longs With Koo Koo Kanga Roo

Koo Koo KangaRoo’s dance-a-long songs are led by a funny, friendly group of instructors.Kids will be so entertained by the silly moves, memorable music, and noise-makingthat they won’t notice they’re exercising. Don’t miss “All I Eat Is Pizza,” “DinosaurStomp,” or “Superheroes Unite.”

Moe Jones

If you’d like to get your child in the habit of exercising regularly during self-isolation, especially if they usually play sports or ride bikes outside, Moe Jones has easy high-intensity interval training videos for kids. Parents can join in, too, so you can all build more physical activity into your day.


Are your kids missing their usual dance classes during thecoronavirus outbreak? SamCam’s DanceStudio has been regularly uploading free online dance classes for toddlers,preschoolers, and elementary school students since quarantine began.

Toddlers might enjoy princess ballet or beginning tap classes, while slightly older kids might want to dance along to classes themed around favorite shows, celebs, and moves (like Moana, Toy Story, Frozen, and JoJo Siwa).

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