'90 Day Fiancé': Is Darcey Silva Engaged to Georgi Rusev?

Fans of 90 Day Fiancé and its spinoffs know Darcey Silva and her eternal quest to find the man of her dreams who will be her husband. On Darcey and her sister’s new spinoff called Darcey & Stacey, the celebrity has been dating a man named Georgi Rusev for a little while now. Did he actually propose? We have all the information below.

Darcey Silva and Georgi Rusev are quarantining together

Darcey met Georgi, who is from Bulgaria and living in Washington, D.C., on social media. They’ve met in person before during the Super Bowl in Miami. Georgi is a massage therapist, and he put his skills to the test on his second time meeting up with Darcey.

Darcey eventually asks Georgi to come and visit with her during the coronavirus (COVID-19). But he declines, and seems cautious with the state of the pandemic. However, eventually, he decides to come and stay with Darcey, and they get their own private apartment together.

Darcey recently found out that Georgi is actually still married

Darcey recently revealed to producers that Georgi is still married and going through a divorce. He applied for the divorce even before meeting Darcey, and he insists that he told Darcey about being married when they met in Miami the first time. However, she says “drinks were involved,” and that she doesn’t remember him telling her that important detail.

“I’ve been married for almost three years,” Georgi tells the cameras. “My soon to be ex-wife, we met in the modeling event four years ago. We like each other. We dated maybe six, seven months, before I propose. In the beginning was great. We get to point where we kinda, we cannot stand each other. We have old arguments and problems. We separate more than a year ago.”

Georgi was thinking about proposing, but there’s trouble coming

According to the most recent episode, Georgi has been thinking about proposing to Darcey. Although he is still going through his divorce, he says that she’s “everything.” He shows off a shiny ring, and he says he wants to propose.

However, in the preview for the new episode, there is some trouble brewing. A woman commented with a fire emoji on one of Georgi’s pictures, and Darcey tells her sister, Stacey, that Georgi dated her, and that she “has a new baby.” Next, the twins ask Georgi if he has a child with her. We don’t get an answer in the preview, but there’s good news for the couple.

Is Darcey engaged to Georgi?

News of the couple’s engagement came out on the TLC social media pages, and Darcey can be seen kissing her new fiancé.

“Fairytales come true! Darcey and Georgi are ENGAGED. See it go down Sunday at 10/9c on the season finale of #DarceyAndStacey,” the post is captioned on Twitter. Darcey’s rather large rock is on full display, and it looks like she’s getting everything she could have hoped for.

People exclusively reports that the engagement actually happened back in June, according to Darcey herself. She says she feels “newly engaged” still.

“I still feel newly engaged,” Darcey reveals to People. “I haven’t been able to really celebrate it yet with everybody. I want to be able to shout it to the world. It was definitely a total surprise for me. Georgi and I have a very deep connection, and I feel like in that moment I was not expecting it at all.”

Fans will get to see the proposal take place in all its glory in the upcoming episode.

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