A Place in the Sun buyer breaks down in tears over Craig Rowe property choice

A Place in the Sun: Buyer emotional over 'stunning' property

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During Thursday’s instalment of A Place in the Sun, Channel 4 presenter Craig Rowe was on a mission to find house hunters Lesley and Ken their dream holiday home on the Caribbean island of Barbados. With an impressive budget of £250,000 to spend, the couple said they were hoping to find a two-bedroom property with lots of outside space. They went on to add that they didn’t want a holiday home that needed any renovation work. For the perfect property, Lesley and Ken said they could stretch their budget up to £350,000.

Before they had even begun the property search, Craig did warn the couple that it might be a struggle to find a property that was pet friendly.

The first holiday home on Craig’s list was priced below the couple’s budget at £291,000.

The first-floor apartment, which was situated in a complex, included gardens and two swimming pools.

Lesley and Ken told Craig they had mixed feelings about the apartment.

They seemed to love the stunning views but were slightly put off by where it was located.

When asked whether the property was a contender, Lesley told Craig it was, although, Ken ruled it out completely.

Next up, was a home priced above their budget at £373,000.

The property came with three bedrooms and an open-plan dining room and kitchen.

“It’s a lovely room,” Lesley praised as they inspected the master bedroom, which came with a walk-in wardrobe.

Despite picking out the positives, the couple ruled out the property as Lesley felt it was too small and dark.

The third property was a townhouse split across three levels and with a wrap-around balcony.

The holiday home, priced at £373,000, also boasted stunning sea views from the bedroom balcony.

The basement floor also came with two additional bedrooms and a shower room.

However, before they had inspected the property further, Lesley aired her concerns about the spiral staircase.

She told Craig the dog wouldn’t be able to get up the stairs on his own unless they carried him up.

She also feared for her grandchildren’s safety when they came over to visit.

Priced at £365,000, the fourth property they visited was a house that came with a palm tree-filled garden.

Despite it being located away from the beach, Lesley and Ken were blown away by the holiday home.

As they viewed the property on their own, Lesley broke down in tears as she was overcome with emotion.

“Look at this, it’s just stunning, isn’t it?” Lesley said to her husband. “Look at the size of that kitchen.”

“I like everything about it,” Lesley sobbed before adding. “It’s just gorgeous.”

When the viewing was over, the couple told the property expert, that the fourth holiday home was the only contender.

After shutting down the fifth property, the house hunters decided to put in an offer of £330,000 on the fourth property.

However, Craig explained the couple had to wait 24 hours as the current owner needed time to think about their offer.

A Place in the Sun airs weekdays at 3pm on Channel 4.

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