Ant and Dec team up with Bear Grylls and go on the run after being cloned in new Saturday Night Takeaway sketch

Ant and Dec are joined by a very high profile guest on this week's Saturday Night Takeaway for a hilarious sketch.

The popular hosts, both 45, will see themselves cloned alongside adventurer Bear Grylls.

In a sneak peek of the sketch called Double Trouble, a mysterious figure appears from a building under the cover of night.

The hooded figure turns around as Ant and Dec emerge, looking very concerned.

He pulls the hood down to reveal it's Bear Grylls himself.

"Bear," the Geordie lads exclaim.

"Where?" the adventurer looks around with a concerned face.

Ant and Dec reply: "No, you."

"Oh, you think I'd get used to that," he admits.

Then Declan Donnelly asks: "You came to rescue us."

"No this is bigger than you," Bear tells him.

Anthony McPartlin jokes: "Well, everything's bigger than him," pointing to his long-term costar.

But then Bear tells them about the serious situation they face.

"There are thousands of clones out there, maybe even hundreds.. come on," Bear urges them as the trio runs off.

The clip then cuts to a movie poster that reads, "Double Trouble".

Ant and Dec triumphantly returned to the small screen last month with a new series of their beloved show, which featured a virtual wall of viewers in place of a studio audience due to the ongoing pandemic.

A peak of 7.7 million viewers tuned in for the opening episode of the series, which featured a virtual wall of viewers in place of a studio audience.

Hopefully, Bear's appearance on the show would not go down the same path as his spot on BBC's The One Show.

The One Show host Alex Jones was forced to cut off Bear during an interview as he discussed eating elephant dung.

Stopping him in his tracks, the TV presenter reminded the survivalist that their teatime viewers would likely be put off their dinner by the anecdote.

Alex, 43, and co-host Jermaine Jenas were chatting to Bear about his new interactive special on Netflix.

New presenter Jermaine made the mistake of quizzing the 46-year-old adventurer about the most disgusting things he'd eaten in the wilderness.

"Goats' testicles was a particular low," Bear said before adding: "I'll tell you what was definitely a low, elephant dung, actually.

"This African ranger said to me, 'If you get dung that's super fresh and you squeeze it, the fluids, it's not sterile but it's almost drinkable. It's going to have some bacteria but you can do it.'

"I remember trying it, squeezing this elephant [dung] that had just come out of the elephant's backside."

Unable to stomach any more details, Alex cut Bear off mid-sentence and reprimanded him for ruining viewers' dinner time at home.

"Bear, it's quarter past seven – many people are eating their tea," she interrupted. "I think we'll just leave that there."

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