Anxious Holly Willoughby says worried children are asking her about coronavirus

Holly Willoughby has said that her worried children are asking her "lots of questions" about the coronavirus pandemic.

This Morning presenter Holly, 39, is mum to Belle, Harry and Chester with husband Dan Baldwin and revealed that the trio were currently staying at home.

Appearing on the ITV programme today with Phillip Schofield, they announced that they would be hosting a phone-in about coronavirus anxiety.

However Phil added: "It normally says you should be 18 or over but you know, if you are younger, there's no controversy in this. If you're younger and you're anxious and alone, I think you can probably give us a call.

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"Make sure you get permission to give us a call, but do that."

Holly added: "I definitely would like advice on how to talk to younger kids because they are around all the time now and there's lots of questions coming through, I know they are in my house."

Later, caller Daisy phoned in to say that she was anxious that her upcoming wedding wouldn't be able to go ahead.

The mental health expert joining the presenter explained that "control is very important" and that choosing to either cancel, make the wedding smaller or go ahead would help her anxiety.

"Anxiety gets hold of us when we can't get in touch of our ordinary decision making," she said. "I think making a decision and allowing yourself to cope [is integral]."

Phil added: "With something like this, we don't know what May is going to look like, we don't know what June is going to look like… you have to control your own head."

"You're going to start on this next phase of your relationship," Holly said to the viewer. "The fundamentals won't change."

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