Bachelor Fans Think They've Figured Out Who Peter's Apologizing to Based on…Wait for It…Her Hair

As a reminder: NO ONE KNOWS how Peter Weber’s season of The Bachelor ends. I don’t know, you don’t know, Peter doesn’t know—even our Bachelor Nation’s go-to spoiler sources don’t have confirmation. So naturally fans are out here doing some next-level sleuthing in the hunt for answers.

Not only did several actual geniuses analyze Peter’s shirts and figure out who his mom is talking about when she iconically weeps “DON’T LET HER GO,” fans also determined that Peter’s weepy apology scene takes place in California—not Australia.

In the scene, Peter tearfully says “I’m so sorry…from the bottom of my heart, I’m so sorry. I swear to god I never, ever envisioned this.” Kinda sounds like he’s breaking up with someone, but the question is WHOMST? Thanks to ABC’s clever editing, we can only see the hair of whoever Peter’s talking to—and Madison and Hannah Ann happen to have the same hair color.

But after careful analysis (lol), fans have determined that the hair in question belongs to Hannah Ann:

Obviously, this is all completely insane in the most wonderful way (never change, Bachelor Nation), but one commenter on this post writes “Hannah Ann for sure! I’m in a room of hair stylists and they’ve all confirmed (after we rewound 20 times)” while another muses “I agree. Madison’s hair ‘sticks’ flat to the area along her forehead (I’m sure that’s not the proper term, lol) while HA has more of a cowlick at her front part. I feel like you can see the cowlick in the promo.”

Here’s a look at both of their hair colors in the event that you, too, would like to weigh in on this VERY IMPORTANT CONVERSATION:


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