Belgravia boss rejects comparisons with ‘soapy’ Downton Abbey, insisting there’s ‘more mystery and emotion’

A BELGRAVIA boss has rejected comparisons with "soapy" Downton Abbey, insisting there’s "more mystery and emotion".

The new period drama from Dowton Abbey creator Julian Fellowes begins on Sunday, starring Tamsin Grieg, Philip Glenister and Alice Eve.

While Downton fans will be excited to see Julian's latest work, Gareth Neame from production company Carnival, which helped produce the show, insists its a very different beast.

Speaking to The Sun Online and other media at a Belgravia screening, he said: "I need to say that it is very, very different. It’s a novel, it’s a closed story, it’s a limited series.

"It’s a beginning middle and end, there’s much more of a mystery to it. It’s not as soapy as Downton."

He continued: "There’s more of mystery, there’s a very emotional through line. It’s a story about two women.

"But the story of these two women, from very, very different sides of the track who are nonetheless united in this grief and the idea that a woman loves her child for all time.

"You know there’s that through line that’s a mystery story that made this and obviously it has the comedy of manners which is [Julian's] very much stock and trade.

"It has that but it doesn’t have the same dramatic structure of Downton at all."

Julian added that – despite the show having upper class characters with their own servants – there isn't an upstairs/downstairs structure to Belgravia like there was in Downton.

He said: " It’s really one narrative these characters are involved in.

"If we were doing 12 hours of this and multiple seasons then I suppose there would be but no they’re all really focused on that main journey."

Belgravia tells the story of secrets and scandals among the upper classes of London society in the 19th Century.

Belgravia starts on Sunday, March 15 at 9pm on ITV. 

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