'Big Brother 23': Derek Frazier's Friend Posts His Game Moves for Skeptical Fans

Big Brother 23 houseguest Kyland Young has claimed he wants to compete with threats, so he doesn’t mind taking Xavier Prather to the end and losing. Using that logic, he evicted Hannah Chaddha over Derek “Big D” Frazier, claiming the latter had done more than others realized. The justification irritated many fans who don’t think Big D did anything to advance the Cookout as he hasn’t won any competitions and doesn’t strategize. A friend who runs Big D’s Twitter account responded by posting a resume of the houseguest’s game moves.

Kyland Young voted to keep Derek Frazier because of all that he’s done

The historic Cookout had to disband at the final six, with Kyland Young taking the first shot. As he had deals with the male and female members, the HOH sided with Xavier Prather and Derek “Big D” Frazier by targeting Tiffany Mitchell.

She went out during the first half of the Double Eviction, and the remaining five immediately battled for power. Azah Awasum became the HOH and also sided with the men as she had better relationships and struck a deal with Kyland.

Therefore, she targeted Hannah Chaddha, nominating her alongside Xavier. However, Kyland won the Power of Veto and saved Xavier, wanting to prove his loyalty. The move annoyed Azah, who felt blindsided as it forced her to nominate the only eligible houseguest, her closest friend Big D.

When Kyland voted to evict Hannah, he claimed he wanted to keep Big D because the former Joker had done more for the alliance than others realized. His reasoning for keeping Big D confused many viewers as they felt Hannah did more for The Cookout.

Big D’s friend posted his move for fans who think he hasn’t done anything

One viewer tweeted Big D, referring to him as “the worst BB player” to make it so far in the season. A person running his Twitter account, likely his friend or roommate, engaged with the fan, who then asked for a resume of Big D’s gameplay that warranted his spot in the final four.

The friend explained that the houseguest ran out of cigarettes after three weeks, even though Big D has said he’s not addicted and pointed out his “great social game” as well as a couple near competition wins.

His friend also mentioned that Big D frequently helps out by cleaning the house and providing “emotional support” for others, namely former Jokers Britni D’Angelo and Azah.

The person also pointed out that Big D has managed to stay composed and not “pop off” as he usually does. While some acknowledged the houseguest’s moves, others still don’t believe he did anything to last longer than Tiffany and Hannah.

He likely has cemented a spot in the final three

Despite the viewer’s opinions about Big D and his gameplay, he will likely advance to the finale. Xavier, with whom he has a final two agreement, won the Head of Household after the second Double Eviction.

He then affirmed his loyalty to Big D by nominating Azah and Kyland instead of him. If Xavier, or Big D, wins the POV, they will likely keep nominations the same, putting the decision squarely on the former Joker.

However, Big D admittedly doesn’t know what to do as he has final two deals with Azah and Kyland. He would want to keep Azah as they’re close friends but also established a final three with the guys several weeks ago and doesn’t want to renege on it.

But, Xavier would like Big D to take the shot at Kyland as it would remove the biggest competition threat remaining in a way where he would still vote for Xavier. If Azah or Kyland wins, they’ll probably evict each other, again leaving Big D safe and guaranteeing his spot in the final three. Big Brother 23 airs on CBS.

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