Billie Shepherds daughter in major meltdown as she locks herself in bathroom

In an episode of Billie & Greg: Family Diaries viewers saw Billie Shepard's eight-year-old daughter having a temper tantrum after locking herself in the bathroom.

On Wednesday night (September 14), viewers saw Billie taking part in a photoshoot with her two children Nelly, eight, and Archie, five.

Nelly proved that she'd had enough and stormed away from the shoot in a "major meltdown".

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The trio had been taking part in an adorable photoshoot when Nelly decided she didn't want to wear a cardigan that was put out for her for the next shot.

The youngster then locked herself in the bathroom and viewers saw her slam the door on dad Greg.

Greg promised her a trip horse riding and tried to coax her out of the bathroom.

Eventually Nelly came out of the bathroom and joined back in with the photoshoot with her brother and TOWIE star mum.

However her mood didn't last long as she marched up to her dad later in the episode and said: "I'm done."

Billie was then seen discussing the temper tantrum with her husband Greg and said she believed that Nelly's behaviour had gotten worse "due to hormones”.

The meltdown comes after the TOWIE star previously expressed her anger when a stranger smacked her son, Arthur, on their flight home from Dubai.

Billie spoke about the incident on the Sam & Billie Show podcast and said that Arthur got very upset and kicked the back of a stranger's seat.

She explained: “I was like ‘Oh god, so sorry’.

"Then he was having a bit of a tantrum, crying, she turned round and she smacked him."

She continued: “I went excuse me! I stood up… you know when you have the red mist and you're shaking.

"She smacked him on his arm. When I mean I kicked off, I was going mental."

The shocking incident caught the attention of plenty of the other passengers.

The TOWIE star explained: "Obviously, everyone was looking because I was going absolutely mental.

"I was so angry. And then Greg was half-asleep at one of the rows in the front and he was wondering what the hell was going on.”

Billie then explained how the woman’s children were with her and that she could tell they were “really embarrassed”.


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