Brandon Jenner Says He Only Saw Caitlyn Jenner 'Half a Dozen Times' Growing Up

“The big formative years for them, I was really struggling with these issues,” Caitlyn told Diane Sawyer in a 20/20 interview in 2015. “I talked to all the boys about this after the fact, that, yeah, I didn’t do a good job. And I apologized to my kids for that.”

Caitlyn publicly came out as transgender that same year.

All has since been forgiven as Brandon told Sawyer, “We’re trying not to look back. We’re just looking forward.”

“In seeing him come out to me and explain his true self, I was more proud right there to carry the last name Jenner and to be part of the family than at any time before,” Brandon said.

Caitlyn further condemned her absence in her children’s lives, telling ABC in 2017, “There’s not excuse for not being a good parent, no matter how many problems you have.”

Brandon has since been open about mending his relationship with Caitlyn, telling HollywoodLife last year “It’s great. It’s great. It’s really good. [Caitlyn and I are] close.”

Aside from his public relationship with Caitlyn, Brandon has previously opened up about growing up in the public eye — and the challenges that come with it.

During an appearance on PEOPLE Now in November, the musician got candid about struggling with his famous last name over the years.

“Lately, a lot of the things that I’m recognizing in myself is the fact that one, I don’t necessarily feel worthy of the successes that happen in my life,” said Brandon. “Because I have this thing where I feel like everything was given to me and that there’s not a lot of things that I’ve earned in my life. And that’s just because I’m judging the way that other people view me.”

“I also carry around this weight of feeling like I need to prove myself, that I’m not the person that people might think that I am,” he added. “I carry that around a little bit. And I think I overcompensate for it — I think I used to overcompensate for it a lot.”

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