Britney Spears gets support from Jamie Lynn's Zoey 101 costars Paul Butcher & Alexa Nikolas amid conservatorship outrage

BRITNEY Spears got support from sister Jamie Lynn’s Zoey 101 costars Paul Butcher and Alexa Nikolas as conservatorship fury rages on. 

The younger sibling of the pop icon has been under fire for her alleged role in keeping Britney, 39, under the “abusive” court order and has remained silent when fans have asked her to speak up.

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As backlash for Jamie Lynn Spears, 30, heats up, the proclamations of support for Britney have continued from people all around the world. 

Now, actors from the hit Nickelodeon series – which Jamie Lynn starred in – have spoken out to support the Toxic singer. 

Paul Butcher, 27, – who played Jamie Lynn’s little brother, Dustin, in the series – shared an emotional post on Instagram begging for Britney to be able to “live the life SHE wants to live.”

He wrote in the lengthy IG Story: “It breaks my heart hearing what Britney had to say and hearing what she’s been through.

“From someone who’s known her first hand, I used to be in awe and look up to her as a kid in pure wonder. She always had the kindest heart and has always had a magic about her, a light.”

The TV star continued: “That magic deserves to be free to enjoy this world and truly shimmer like she always has. 

“My prayer is that she get’s to live the life SHE wants to live. Sending you love and hoping for a brighter future for you. #FreeBritney.”

Paul also shared a selfie which he flashed the peace sign and wrote “#FreeBritney” once again.

Jamie Lynn’s other Zoey 101 cast mate, Alexa – who played the star’s outgoing PCA roommate, Nicole – shared several messages to stand up for the #FreeBritney movement  

“I support her,” Alexa, 29, wrote on her Instagram Story alongside an article about Britney’s bombshell court testimony earlier this week.

“This is so horrible,” Nikolas added before reposting an image featuring the #FreeBritney hashtag repeated. 

Zoey 101 was a hit show for Nickelodeon when it aired for four seasons from 2005 to 2008. 

However, the series was cancelled just as the world learned Jamie Lynn became pregnant at 16-years-old with her daughter, Maddie, who is now 13. 

On Wednesday, Britney made her first-ever debut in court amid her conservatorship legal battle with dad Jamie, who has "controlled" her life for the past 13 years.

She made a number of shocking claims during the hearing, including that her family sent her to a $60K rehab at a small Los Angeles home and that she was allegedly forced to get an IUD she cannot take out to have another baby. 

Britney claimed the people that ran the rehab center were trying to hurt her, while her dad allegedly "loved it.”

She also compared the "abusive" conservatorship to sex trafficking, stating: “In California, the only similar thing to this is called sex trafficking, making anyone work against their will. And taking all their possessions away, credit card, cash, phone, passport.”

Immediately after Britney slammed her family during the explosive hearing, fans noticed the singer’s younger sister has stayed quiet regarding the conservatorship. 

A number of fans took to Instagram to slam Jamie Lynn, as one person dubbed her as “Public Enemy #2.”

Alongside a photo of Jamie Lynn on a poster for Nickelodeon’s Zoey 101, the fan wrote: “Jamie Spears is public enemy #1.”

Others seemed to agree, as Britney’s fans flooded the comments section to slam Jamie Lynn.

One person wrote: “I never understood how she could sit back and watch this be done to her sister! Even if Britney had any mental instability how did she not advocate for better treatment of her sister! What Britney described can make anyone lose their mind. This is the saddest thing ever!”

Another added: “Her whole family needs to repent and make it right by Britney. They’re all wrong.”

Both Jamie Lynn and her mom, Lynne, have since banned comments on their social media pages. 

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